Rubicon Water
Maximising the efficiency, productivity and sustainability of agricultural water
Automating the distribution of agricultural water for the future prosperity of our farmers
Delivering technology to automate the distribution of the world’s most precious resource
Meeting the challenge of feeding a growing population on limited arable land
Enabling farmers to grow more crops using less labor, water and energy

We deliver advanced technology to optimize gravity irrigation

Controlling the delivery of water so that farms are reliably supplied when needed, without spills

Using autonomous canal control, accurate measurement and precise water accounting software

Timing the application of water to crops precisely

Using sensors and software to precisely monitor crop water demand and predict the optimal irrigation time

Applying the optimal amount of water to crops

Using sensors, software, accurate measurement and remote-control technology

How our technology enhances water management from source to crop

Our solutions can easily expand and adapt to meet your evolving water management needs

Network Automated control

Sensor data indicates the optimal time to irrigate

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The farmer request water via phone or mobile app

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NeuroFlo Software checks network capacity and customer rights then approves or offers alternatives

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Instructions are sent by radio to regulators and the customer’s farm turnout

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The farm turnout automatically delivers requested water

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The upstream regulator senses a drop in downstream water level and increases its flow

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Each subsequent regulator up to the dam increases its flow rate

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Only the exact amount of water is diverted from the source to replenish the water being withdrawn downstream

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The farmer’s crops receive water at the optimal time, duration and flow to optimize application technology and improve yield

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We are dedicated to addressing water scarcity by providing innovative solutions to governments, water management utilities, and growers. Our mission is to increase water availability and agricultural productivity through improved water-use efficiency. With advanced technology and a focus on precision water management, we empower our clients to optimize their water resources with unparalleled efficiency and control.

Rubicon Water targets these losses by delivering innovative solutions that enhance gravity-fed systems to improve water-use efficiency and promote a more sustainable future for agriculture and the wider community. 

The Challenge and Opportunity

Challenge: By 2050, it is estimated that a 56% increase in food and fiber production will be required to feed the growing global population, resulting in an increase in demand of already strained water resources. Adding to this, projections indicate that 40% of the population will reside in river basins experiencing severe water stress.  

Rubicon Water

Opportunity: Agriculture currently consumes 70% of the world’s freshwater resources, with only 40-50% of the water supplied through canal networks being efficiently used. 

Diverse, Deployable Water Management Technology

Our technology revolutionizes water management across a wide range of sectors.

With our solutions, irrigation districts can be transformed, on-farm water management can be improved, groundwater management can be implemented , dedicated environmental flows can be delivered, and aquaculture systems can be optimized.


We maximize the efficiency productivity sustainability of water by:

Improving Off-Farm Irrigation Water Management

Rubicon Water's TCC technology enhances the management of water for irrigation districts. By implementing our advanced systems, irrigation districts can significantly improve control in canal systems, ensuring a consistent and equitable service to irrigators through an automated on-demand system.

Environmental Flows

Rubicon Water's technology supports the delivery of dedicated environmental flows, ensuring that ecosystems receive the required water allocations for their health and sustainability
Our systems enable precise control and measurement of water flows, facilitating the implementation of environmental flow programs that benefit natural habitats and protect aquatic ecosystems.
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Aquaculture System Control Solutions

Our systems enable precise and efficient management, promoting sustainable and profitable aquaculture operations
Our technology can effectively control aquaculture systems, maintaining optimal water quality, temperature, and flow conditions necessary for the health and growth of aquatic species
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Enhancing On-Farm Water Management

Our FarmConnect surface irrigation automation technology transforms traditional manual on-farm surface/flood irrigation practices. FarmConnect can significantly improve application efficiencies, reducing labor requirements while maximising yield potential.

Groundwater Recharge Projects

The re-direction of excess surface water back into the ground has become an increasingly crucial endeavour. By employing our solutions, water authorities and resource managers can ensure the sustainable and responsible use of groundwater, leading to long-term resource preservation.
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Innovative Technology and Integrated Irrigation Systems

Rubicon Water offers a comprehensive suite of hardware products and irrigation management software (NeuroFlo), that are designed to revolutionise water management in gravity-fed networks.  

Our flagship Total Channel Control (TCC) Network Control solution integrates smart automated equipment, such as control gates, flow meters, and radio technology, enabling autonomous operation of open canal distribution networks. This results in efficient and reliable water delivery, allowing adopters to achieve unrivaled levels of delivery efficiency.  

All Rubicon products are scalable and TCC compatible, ensuring a future-proof investment for customers at any stage in their modernisation journey. Meaning that even if you start with a single Rubicon hardware or software product, our solutions can easily expand and adapt to meet your evolving water management needs. 

Discover how we have helped customers around the world improve agricultural productivity, service, profitability and sustainability:

Oakdale Irrigation District

Oakdale implements Network Control for stable water levels and to eliminate outfalls

Shepparton Irrigation Area

Shepparton recovers water for the environment and improves agricultural productivity

Rio Elqui

Accurate flow measurement provides water-use transparency in Chile

Lupton Bottom

Lupton Bottom provides consistent flows while freeing-up operator time

We are proud to have designed, built, and installed our solutions around the world

Currently, we have more than 250 customers located in over 20 countries using our water control and measurement technology

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