The Ministry of Water Resources and Irrigation - Peter Pelisaar (right) discussing digitisation of irrigation systems with key participants including the Minister of Wawter Resources and Irrigaton.

Aligning on the Future of Water Management in Kazakhstan

Kazakhstan Minster of Water Resources, Nurzhan Nurzhigitov, welcomed Rubicon’s regional representative to discuss a collaborative project to improve water resource management.

Rubicon Water is excited to announce a significant milestone in our Central Asian operations.

The Minister of Water Resources, Nurzhan Nurzhigitov, welcomed Rubicon’s regional representative, Peeter Pelisaar, to the ministry to discuss the potential for a collaborative project in the Kyzylorda region. Peeter was instrumental in driving key discussions with the Republic of Kazakhstan regarding the digitalization of irrigation systems in the region.

Scoping of the project within Kyzylorda is already well underway and is expected to be finalised within the coming months. The implications of this project will enhance the availability of water resources within the region by improving irrigation practices and water distribution that has the potential to reduce water extractions by an impressive 30%. This project is expected to follow successes that have been recorded in similar modernisation undertakings around the world.

As Minister Nurzhigitov stated, this endeavour aligns with Kazakhstan’s urgent need to address water resource distribution problems, particularly in the country’s southern region.

This marks an exciting path for Rubicon’s increased presence in Central Asia and improving water management throughout Kazakhstan.

The story was published as a press release on the Ministry of Water Resources and Irrigation of the Republic of Kazakhstan website and reported in by Bizmedia. See the official release on the Kazakhstan Government website here read more in their article here.