Automatic Delivery

The Automatic Delivery software function pack completely automates the scheduling and delivery of irrigation water.


Automatic Delivery automates the scheduling of water deliveries to utilise the available capacity of the channel system, and then schedules the service point to automatically open and close the gate at the planned time, day or night.

Farmers requesting water online (through Customer Connect) can receive immediate confirmation of their orders and can be certain that their water will be reliably and accurately delivered.

Sophisticated demand-scheduling and order-linking techniques ensure that all parts of the channel system from the storage to the farm have capacity to deliver the order. At the same time the number of check and storage gate movements are minimised to reduce channel level fluctuations.

This smooths peaks and troughs in demand, to make maximum use of the channel’s delivery capacity and thereby more farmers can have their deliveries fulfilled over a given period. When control gates along the length of the channel are still manually operated, the software also reduces the number of control changes required.

After this automatic calculation, the farmer receives an immediate response rather than waiting for human planners to complete their planning cycle. If the request cannot be fulfilled at exactly the time requested, a range of adjacent alternatives are offered to the farmer from which to choose. With this immediate confirmation, farmers feel empowered and in control of their irrigations.

When famers’ service points are automated, the planned delivery is sent directly to the device so that it will open automatically at the desired time and deliver the requested volume of water. The farmer can be confident that the water will be delivered without the need to manually open, close or monitor.

Features and Benefits

Better Service

With immediate response to a water delivery request, farmers are back in control, able to get the water they need, when they need it.

Higher productivity

When water is available when the crop needs it, productivity improves. And with a better service, farmers can be more confident that higher investments in crops will be rewarded. 

Less effort

Automated turnouts with pre-programmed delivery, means farmers don’t have to get up at night to open gates or wait around to close them.


With planning automated, your most experienced staff are freed to add more value to the organisation. 

More water

Service points automatically close when the exact amount of water has been delivered, eliminating overwatering and runoff.

Better environmental outcomes

By eliminating runoff, denutrification, polluted drain water and salinification are all reduced reducing costs and helping the environment.


  • Demand scheduling to fit demand within network limitations
  • Automatic confirmation of delivery at time of delivery request or order
  • Automatic download of delivery instructions to service point