Customer Connect

The Customer Connect function pack streamlines the communication process, helping you get close to your customers cost-effectively.

Features and Benefits

Customer Connect features a range of tools enable you and your customers communicate in the way that best suits you both.

A dedicated web portal with customer login gives you the ability to communicate directly with individuals or groups of farmers all at once. Messages can be sent and received or up-to-date reports and bulletins can be posted for browsing.

Alternatively a customer can elect to receive messages by SMS or bulletins by fax or email. And the Interactive Voice Response (IVR) system means you can handle most customer needs 24 hours a day. Customer Connect can also enable farmers to manage their water orders when used in conjunction with the Orders, Rotations & Scheduling function pack. Invoices and water usage statements can also be delivered electronically to customers through Customer Connect when used in conjunction with the Tariffs, Rates & Invoicing function pack.

It’s all about providing better customer service and support and improving the efficiency of your operations.


Confluent Irrigation Software - Customer Connect Platform


  • Communicate using the technology your customers want: telephone, web, SMS, fax, email or IVR
  • Keep a record of communication between operator and customer
  • Smartphone compatible
  • Target a single customer or any group of customers with broadcast messaging
  • Use automatic, event-based messaging