Hydrological Data

The Hydrological Data software function pack collects, stores and organises data from different systems and sources throughout your irrigation district and allows you to present only the high-level data essential for medium and long-term planning and decision making.

Features and Benefits

By automatically collating and uploading data to external systems, the Hydrological Data function pack enables you to meet complex government reporting obligations with minimal effort and cost.

With a data model designed especially for irrigation, Hydrological Data sets the standard for irrigation data warehousing. So it’s ideal if you want to efficiently manage bulk water demand and supply, report dam water levels, and analyse rainfall patterns or water quality metrics over time.


  • Automatic data collection from field devices and software packages
  • Manual data entry with remote option via web browser/mobile device
  • Interfaces with existing SCADA systems
  • Supports common data formats including the WaterML industry standard and the Australian Bureau of Meteorology’s Water Data Transfer Format (WDTF)
  • Analyse multi-year trends using integrated tools or external software
  • Report to external stakeholders