Rubicon Water’s on-farm irrigation solution, FarmConnect™, has been featured in the latest volume of the Irrigation Leader Magazine.

FarmConnect leverages from the proven technologies within our irrigation district solutions and applies the science on-farm to enhance on-farm irrigator operations, resulting in significant water savings, reduced labour and increased yields.

In this issue of the Irrigation Leader Magazine, Rubicon Business Development Manager Peter Moller delves into the development and launch of the FarmConnect solution. Click the button embedded below to read about how our precision surface irrigation solutions are being put to the test at the University of California and hear from early adopter irrigators in California and Utah about their experiences using FarmConnect.

Independent studies have demonstrated that the precision surface irrigation solution can improve application efficiency from 50-60% to 85% or better, while reducing labour costs, enhancing yields and in many cases with zero input energy requirements.

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