Since implementing Rubicon’s Network Control solution on two of its major canals in 2011, California’s Oakdale Irrigation District (OID) has seen major improvements in operational spill reduction, water level control and service to irrigators.

OID replaced 42 gates in 30 regulating structures with Rubicon FlumeGates™. OID also automated six turnouts with Rubicon SlipMeters™.

Key elements of the solution included a server running Rubicon’s SCADAConnect® software and NeuroFlo® network control software, the brains behind the coordination and automatic control of the entire network of FlumeGates and SlipMeters. Communications were supplied using a Rubicon telemetry network.

Since the implementation of Network Control on the Claribel lateral, unintentional operational spills have been completely eliminated. Based on 2010 season spill figures this would result in an equivalent savings of more than 1,700 acre-feet of water. Also, more consistent flows through turnouts have enabled farmers to irrigate more efficiently.

The implementation of Network Control on the Cometa lateral has seen significant improvements in both canal water level variation and the consistency of flow to downstream divisions and farm turnouts.

Rubicon’s Network Control solution is one of a range of solutions built from Rubicon’s TCC® (Total Channel Control®) technology. TCC is a modular suite of hardware and software components that integrate to provide tailored solutions to address challenges faced by irrigation districts such as distribution efficiency, operational control, accurate measurement, and service levels to farmers.