Rubicon Water

Maximising the efficiency, productivity and sustainability of agricultural water

Rubicon Water

Automating the distribution of agricultural water for the future prosperity of our farmers

Rubicon Water

Combining irrigation with innovation to create sustainable agricultural outcomes

Rubicon Water

Meeting the challenge of feeding a growing population on limited arable land

Rubicon Water

Delivering technology to automate the distribution of the world’s most precious resource

Rubicon Water

Enabling farmers to grow more crops using less labour, water and energy

We deliver advanced technology to optimise gravity irrigation.

Our solutions maximise the efficiency, productivity and sustainability of agricultural water by…

Controlling the delivery of water Icon

Controlling the delivery of water so that farms are reliably supplied when needed, without spills

Using autonomous canal control, accurate measurement and precise water accounting software

Timing of water to crops icon

Timing the application of water to crops precisely

Using sensors and software to precisely monitor crop water demand and predict the optimal irrigation time

Precision application to crops icon

Applying the optimal amount of water to crops

Using sensors, software, accurate measurement and remote-control technology

Latest News

Rubicon installs control gates to continue with the modernisation of AC Bellavista users in Chile

The severe drought affecting the Coquimbo Region highlights the importance of making the most of the available water, especially in the context of agricultural irrigation. The Bellavista Canal has a length of 60 km, servicing approximately 6000 hectares of irrigated land and benefiting around 1,500 irrigators. Rubicon worked on the installation of 3 additional overshot FlumeGates, with the system now 60% automated.

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Modernisation Insights

The need to modernise the world’s canal infrastructure

A post on the CIGAR highlights the urgent need for effective canal modernisation if the world is to meet the growing demand for food…

What is high-performance surface irrigation?

Many will be surprised to learn that a well designed and managed gravity-fed surface irrigation system has the potential to deliver on-farm application efficiencies in excess of 85% and up to 95%…

Why we need to improve water use productivity

The 2030 Water Resources Group has outlined what they call the “water gap” – the growing difference between freshwater supply and demand…

I would like to…

Reduce extraction pumping costs

With the Network Control solution, channel systems can perform with nearly the same responsiveness as pressurised piped distribution system, without the energy costs. If water is pumped into your channels instead of coming from storage, the outfall reduction that Network Control achieves can substantially reduce energy costs.

Remotely operate control gates

With Rubicon’s Site Management solution you can use SCADAConnect software to remotely manage our control gates.  It enables control changes to be made more frequently and safely. Comprehensive alarm management means you can respond to issues before they become problems and together with the ability to do time-series trend analysis you can manage and plan better.

The Network Control solution takes remote monitoring and control to the next level. Much more than a SCADA system, Network Control uses NeuroFlo software to automatically coordinate and control FlumeGates in a conveyance or distribution channel system to optimise delivery of water.

Prevent outfalls at the end of my channels

By automatically coordinating a sequence of FlumeGates in a channel, the Network Control solution optimises the delivery of water to eliminate outfalls, so that more water remains available in storage or in rivers, while simultaneously providing high, consistent flows to farms.



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