Site Management Solution

By using SCADAConnect software to remotely manage our smart, integrated flow measurement and control gates, control changes can be made frequently with safety and without an increase in cost. Operators become more effective and efficient because they have real-time information on flows and levels in the channels.


The ability to remotely manage an irrigation control device can transform your operations. You can cut costs by reducing travel to sites and improve safety where a device is in a difficult or dangerous environment.  You can also improve service to farmers because you can make adjustments as frequently as necessary, and any time of day or night.

And because Rubicon’s FlumeGates and SlipMeters have integrated flow measurement and control, it’s like having eyes and ears on the ground as well with constant real-time information about flows and levels at your fingertips back at the control centre. Built-in alarms based on changes in site data mean you’ll know what’s happening at the site and can rapidly respond to issues before they become problems and without having to travel there.

SCADAConnect and Rubicon’s gates and meters are designed to work together. Each Rubicon gate and meter comes SCADA-ready which means all 140+ data tags are automatically uploaded to SCADAConnect without programming and without integration headaches –it’s nearly as simple as plug-and-play. SCADAConnect’s built-in data model already knows about all Rubicon products with screens that immediately populate with all the data.

The Site Management solution also provides data analysis and graphing tools (also called trending) to convert the field data into information you can use to manage, to plan and to improve.

And for users with a small number of sites, the solution can be deployed as an entry level cloud solution whereby you can manage your field equipment over the internet using just a web browser and connection to cellular communications networks.

Features and Benefits


All Rubicon’s field devices have embedded software that makes them SCADA-ready using advanced industry-standard protocols. SCADAConnect is built for irrigation. It’s as close to plug-and-play as you can get. 

More information

The difference between a traditional once-a-day reading, and real-time, accurately measured flow rate and level in any part of your channel system is the difference between guessing and managing. Your operators will manage better with all the information they need from one central location. 

Improve safety

Your staff’s safety is always paramount. Dangerous sites or sites that are difficult to reach are no longer a problem with remote management. 

Less cost

Your operators don’t need to spend time travelling to a site every time they want to make a control adjustment or read a meter, and solar powered control and communications means no extra energy costs. 

Less worry

The sophisticated alarms in SCADAConnect that can alert you via SMS means you won’t lose sleep at night. 


The Site Management solution is made up of modular TCC technology:

Irrigation Radio Communication Network Icon

Radio Network

Rubicon’s engineers will design and install a dedicated and reliable data radio network through which SCADAConnect can manage and monitor the devices in the field. For small numbers of sites, data telephony can also be used.

SCADAConnect Icon


SCADAConnect is Rubicon’s SCADA software designed specifically for irrigation. Installed at the control centre, it provides the ability to monitor and manage gates or meters in the field, with comprehensive alarm management and the ability to do time-series trend analysis.

Flow Measurement and Control Devices

FlumeGate icon, overshot integrated gate and flow meter


A combined overshot flow measurement and control gate used to automatically regulate flow or water level in an open channel.

SlipMeter Undershot integrated control gate and flow measurement icon


An all-in-one undershot flow measurement and control gate designed for farm entry points and channel offtakes.

SlipGate undershot control gate icon


A new generation of precision sluice/slide gate to accurately control the flow of water to farms and in open channels.

FlumeMeter Undershot Meter Icon


An all-in-one undershot flow meter designed for open channels, providing real-time and accurate flow measurement.

PikoMeter Undershot Flow Meter Icon


An integrated supply point gate and meter that enables the delivery of precisely-measured quantities of water.

BladeMeter Pipe Meter for high flow gravity irrigation


A farm supply control valve and meter that measures and controls flow at gravity pipeline outlets