Rubicon’s SlipMeter™ flow measurement and control device has received independent accuracy verification in testing conducted at a government test facility in Sydney, Australia.

Thirty-eight tests were undertaken over a range of flows from 0.4 to 15.5cfs (1 to 39 ML/d).

The testing regime measured the accuracy of the SlipMeter™ under a range of flow conditions, including wave testing, and disturbance testing in which one quarter of the meter opening was blocked to determine the impact of obstructions on meter accuracy.

The SlipMeter™ proved accurate to better than ±1.5% in normal operating conditions (pipe flowing full and no obstruction of the flow entry). Rubicon specifies flow measurement accuracy for its SlipMeter™ product of ±2.5%.

This high level of accuracy means that both water authorities and irrigators can be confident that the amount of water that is being charged for is being delivered.

Rubicon’s SlipMeter™ is a combined flow measurement and control device which is designed for easy installation onto headwall infrastructure – significantly reducing the civil costs associated with modernising irrigation metering systems.