Standalone Solution

Fix isolated control problems, measure flow in channels or accurately meter clients, with a single integrated device.


Rubicon’s range of accurate meters, flow measurement devices and control gates are designed for the unique demands of open channels and low-pressure pipelines.

Each product comes with integrated solar power, batteries, communications, flow measurement and motor control, and is SCADA ready. No messy and costly integration of components is required. Manufactured to high tolerances and standard sizes, all products are installed using a simple slide-in frame designed to fit most existing structures. This means that are simple and quick to install and get working with minimal or no civil work.

All products also incorporate an LCD display for local operation.

Troublesome control problems at structures that require regular visits and adjustments by your operators become a thing of the past because most control gates have integrated flow and level measurement and can maintain a constant level or flow rate automatically.

Flow measurement at strategic points in your channel system (say at the head or tail of every channel) can help you make more informed and better decisions with real-time knowledge of actual flows throughout the system.

Accurate service point meters based on world-leading ultrasonic array technology can meet the challenge of accuracy across high and low flow, forward or backward flow and in the presence of silt or obstructions.

Features and Benefits

Simple to install and operate
Designed from the ground up as a single device with integrated power, measurement, control, telecommunications and automatic recalibration, each device is not only simple to install, it’s simple to operate and maintain.
Less cost

Automatic control means your operators don’t need to spend time travelling to a site every time they want to make an adjustment. FlumeGates and SlipMeters can automatically maintain a desired flow rate regardless of changes in upstream or downstream conditions. Or a constant level can be maintained regardless of flow rate changes in the channel.

Manage better
Accurate flow measurement at key points means more informed decisions, especially if contemplating a modernisation programme.
Accurate metering means transparency in usage and so better sharing between all users. And where water usage is charged, users can be sure they only pay for what they use.
Less worry
As a single integrated device from one supplier, you have the peace of mind that there’s always someone at the end of the phone to handle any doubt or problem.


The Standalone solution is made up of modular TCC technology:

FlumeGate icon, overshot integrated gate and flow meter


A combined overshot flow measurement and control gate used to automatically regulate flow or water level in an open channel.

SlipMeter Undershot integrated control gate and flow measurement icon


An all-in-one undershot flow measurement and control gate designed for farm entry points and channel offtakes.

SlipGate undershot control gate icon


A new generation of precision sluice/slide gate to accurately control the flow of water to farms and in open channels.

FlumeMeter Undershot Meter Icon


An all-in-one undershot flow meter designed for open channels, providing real-time and accurate flow measurement.

PikoMeter Undershot Flow Meter Icon


An integrated supply point gate and meter that enables the delivery of precisely-measured quantities of water.

BladeMeter Pipe Meter for high flow gravity irrigation


A farm supply control valve and meter that measures and controls flow at gravity pipeline outlets