Water Resource Management Solution

Improve water resource management and decision-making with tools for collection and analysis, forecasting and stakeholder reporting of years of hydrometric data collected from disparate sources.


Rubicon’s Water Resource Management solution is a hydrological archive designed to support better decision-making about water resources. By collecting, maintaining, and organising years of data from many sources into a single repository, you have access to consolidated, raw and summary data on water quality and quantity for managing irrigation district obligations and to build business intelligence.

Hydrometric time-series datasets that can be managed include rainfall and evaporation, dam storage and aquifer levels and volumes, river and stream flows, farmer demand and delivery operations, chemical analysis, pump data, and blue-green algae data.

Datasets can be collected in a variety of ways without restrictions on capture frequency or dataset size. Channel flows and levels can be collected automatically through SCADAConnect, customisable scheduled tasks can read other databases to extract and aggregate data in legacy systems or to read files of data with a known format. Manual data entry is available via a web page where no automation yet exists. In all cases strong data-validation ensures the quality of your data.

Collected data can then be recombined and processed and automatically dispatched to external agencies such as the Australian Bureau of Meteorology’s Water Data Transfer Format (WDTF) or using emerging industry standards such as WaterML.

Customisable reporting, graphing, data query and extraction tools and standard hydrological and statistical analysis functionality, such as flow duration curves or box plots provide historical, current and predictive views of business operations.

Features and Benefits

Manage better

Decision support systems turn data into information to help you manage smarter. Finding relationships, knowing rates of use or depletion, identifying abnormalities and trying to predict future trends will help to manage your vital resources. 

Build on existing investments

Extract the value you’ve already invested in data collection and database systems over many years by bringing it all together into a single repository for analysis and comparison.

Less risk
Managing a valuable resource means balancing stakeholder needs: your users, the community, the environment and even your organization’s reputation. With this solution you can reduce the risk because you’ll be making use of all available information.
Communicate better
Automatic dispatch of data to stakeholders, helps them with their roles, builds trust, improves transparency and saves time and money.


The Water Resource Management solution is made up of modular TCC technology:

SCADAConnect Icon


SCADAConnect is Rubicon’s SCADA software designed specifically for irrigation. It provides the ability to retrieve hydrometric data from SCADA-ready devices in the field. These may include water level sensors in dams or aquifers, or flow measurements from meters like the SlipMeter or control gates with integrated flow measurement like Rubicon’s FlumeGate.

Hydrological Data Icon

Hydrological Data

This function pack aggregates data from many sources (including SCADAConnect) or aggregates large volumes of data down to manageable size. Data import and export can be scheduled or performed by staff. Tools are provided for analysis.