Rubicon makes an impact at the 2023 Colorado River Conference (CRWUA)

Alan's involvement as Murrumbidgee Irrigation General Manager leaves a lasting impression.

The Rubicon team joined many other leaders in the water innovation world this year in Las Vegas, NV, for the 2023 Colorado River Water Users Association conference. This year’s theme centered around resilience and rebuilding for the future, and the passion and drive for doing just resounded throughout this event. This conference provided a platform for leaders and stakeholders from across the Colorado River Basin to join together in conversation, presentation, and discussion panels, all focusing on the future of water use within the Colorado River Basin.

We had the opportunity to hear from Alan Shea, the general manager of Murrumbidgee Irrigation, as he explained in detail how the irrigation industry in Australia responded to the growing water scarcity by evolving with Rubicon Technology to enhance water availability and prosperity even in irrigated landscapes with the driest conditions.

This year, Rubicon’s sales representatives, grant writing staff, and on-farm solutions staff attended together, making valuable contact with current clients and key stakeholders throughout this important water region. This event allowed attendees to interact with private, public, and government organizations, which all hold a valued interest in how water is used, conserved, and sustained throughout the Colorado River basin in future years. Innovation, brainstorming, and collaboration were all on the table as great minds came together at this influential event.