Rubicon’s Confluent software transforms the way irrigation districts manage water, administer operations and serve their customers.


Confluent helps you to meet the significant challenges you face in managing your water resources. Confluent combines the latest internet and smartphone technology, innovative scheduling and network visualisation tools, advanced control functionality and an industry standard database.

Automate all operations and administration

Confluent consists of a core database and fundamental tools to streamline your business. For example SCADAConnect™ helps you remotely manage automated devices in the field and Customer Connect enhances communication with your customers.

So whether your need is to remotely manage meters, automate water ordering, manage regulatory change, or modernise your entire district’s infrastructure, it’s covered. 

Designed for irrigation

Unlike generic software packages designed for factories or the office, Confluent is designed specifically for irrigation districts. The software knows about water demand such as orders and rotations, about delivery operations and gates and channels and about customers, service points and invoices. When this information is integrated you can:

  • Plan better, make smarter decisions and fewer mistakes
  • Report using meaningful performance indicators such as overall system efficiency
  • Calculate volumetric accumulation and determine farmer satisfaction


Irrigation also demands robust, reliable 24/7 operation, with alarm escalation and notification by phone and SMS or internet. Having 24 hour web access helps farmers in their interaction with the district when and where they need it.

In-field tools like mobile internet to manage water deliveries and smartphone apps for meter reading are also essential for efficient management.

And an irrigation system needs to be able to scale. Thousands of devices providing real-time information covering hundreds of customers’ farms can add up to a data explosion that your system needs to handle. Confluent turns that data into information. Analysis and reporting tools help build management insight for better control and for future planning.

Best of all, we’re here to help. With more than 20 years’ experience helping districts manage irrigation operations in 15 countries, we have the skills to quickly design and build custom modules or reports for your unique needs.

Industry-standard relational database

As the cornerstone of your information technology strategy it’s good to know that Confluent is underpinned by an industry standard relational database management system. This means Confluent is scalable, secure, open and reliable.


Confluent expands to a virtually limitless number of users, sites, customers, orders and field measurements. And additional sites can be added while the system is online, ensuring no disruption to service.


Integration with Microsoft Active Directory is standard, and multi-level authorisation tools can be configured to limit access to functions or sites. Actions are logged for auditing.


Confluent can interface with your existing business applications such as accounting and asset management systems or share data with external systems such as a government authority’s water register or geographic information system (GIS).


Multiple backup and redundancy options ensure minimal downtime, with standard utilities provided for database backup and recovery, data replication, and secure data access.


Confluent consists of a core database and fundamental tools that streamline your business. 



Remote management of infrastructure

SCADAConnect enables you to improve safeguards, reduce costs and enhance control of your network with real-time remote management of field equipment.

Customer Connect

Customer Connect

Efficient customer interaction

Customer Connect streamlines the communication process, helping you get close to your customers cost-effectively.

Network Visualisation

Network Visualisation

Dynamic visibility of network behaviour

Network Visualisation provides a visual, schematic representation of the entire irrigation network.

Orders, Rotations & Scheduling

Orders, Rotations & Scheduling

Tools for planning of water delivery

Orders Rotations & Scheduling improves operational efficiency by automating the collection, management and planning of requests for water delivery.

Tariffs, Rates & Invoicing

Tariffs, Rates & Invoicing

Streamlined revenue generation

Tariffs, Rates & Invoicing streamlines revenue data management, allowing you to define complex tariff or rate structures.

Rights & Compliance

Rights & Compliance

Water rights management

Rights and Compliance helps you take control of the complexity of managing water allocation rights.

Automatic Delivery

Automatic Delivery

Automatic order confirmation & optimized scheduling & delivery

Automatic Delivery completely automates the scheduling and delivery of water.

Hydrological Data

Hydrological Data

Streamlined data collection, analysis and reporting

Hydrological Data collects, stores and organizes data from different systems and sources throughout your irrigation district and allows you to present only high-level data.

NeuroFlo™ Network Control

NeuroFlo™ Network Control

Intelligent automated regulation

NeuroFlo automatically controls and coordinates a sequence of gates installed at regulating structures along the length of a channel.