Control Gates, Valves and Flow Meters

Explore Rubicon’s fleet of products including our automated overshot and undershot irrigation gates with integrated flow meters. To date, we have designed, developed and installed more than 35,000 gates and meters worldwide.

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Integrated Control Gates and Meters

The FlumeGate is a combined flow measurement and control gate designed for open canal applications.
The SlipMeter is a breakthrough all-in-one gate and meter for farm turnouts and canal offtakes.
The SlipGate is a new generation of precision sluice/slide gate.
The PikoMeter is an integrated canal turnout gate and meter that enables you to remotely deliver precisely-measured quantities of water.

Flow Meters and Valves

The FlumeMeter is a ground-breaking all-in-one meter specifically designed for open canals.
The BladeMeter is a major advance in valve technology.
The Sonaray Pipe Meter is designed to accurately measure flow rates in rural water supply applications.

On-Farm Gates and Valves

The BayDrive is a remotely operated farm canal gate actuator.
Automated high-flow valve for high-performance surface irrigation