In September 2015 water flowed through turnouts in New Zealand’s Central Plains Irrigation District for the first time. The new district is located in the Canterbury region, south of the South Island’s largest city, Christchurch. It takes water from the Rakaia River, with a 17km channel feeding a 130km network of pipes.

Rubicon was sub-contracted to provide the district’s SCADA hardware and software, including:

  • 145 pedestals at farmer turnouts to remotely monitor pipe flow and pressure and to turn valves on and off
  • The radio communications system
  • The SCADAConnect® host system

Central Plains also engaged Rubicon to develop the requirements for its irrigation management system.  The requirements analysis and specification phase took five months and resulted in Central Plains purchasing additional Confluent™ software modules to mange irrigator demand, billing and to manage the supply of water from mixed sources.  The detailed design for the customisation of the software took one month and the development, testing and implementation less than three months. 

The scheme was operational by the planned date of 1 September 2015 and the ultimate software solution by the planned date of 1 November 2015.