SCADAConnect is Rubicon’s remote monitoring and control solution. A truly mobile solution designed to be used in the field on any mobile device.


SCADAConnect Screens Displaying Site data

SCADAConnect’s comprehensive suite of remote device monitoring tools and sophisticated alarms can transform your operation by giving your team the detailed real-time performance information they need to rapidly respond to issues before they become problems and without having to travel to site.

SCADAConnect’s data analysis and graphing tools convert the huge quantities of field data into information you can use to manage, to plan and to improve.

For users with a small number of sites, SCADAConnect can be deployed as an entry level cloud solution whereby you can manage your field equipment over the internet using just a web browser and connection to cellular communications networks. This can provide a low cost, rapidly deployed alternative to installing a traditional in-house SCADA system.


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Manage Gates Remotely

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Graphing and Trending Tools

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Set water schedules and Flows

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Plug and Play Integration

Features and Benefits

Securely monitor and control your gates remotely

A truly mobile solution that doesn’t tie you to a control room. Industry-standard security ensures your data and devices are secure. Geographic visualisation of devices using satellite maps and customisable overview screens with no need to physically visit a site to observe gate operation. You can adjust any of the control parameters for the gate – flow, level, position from any web-enabled device.


Set water schedules and flows

SCADAConnect provides the capability of setting water schedules and flows straight from your web-enabled device.

Graphing and trending tools

Data analysis and graphing for performance management. Convert each site’s stored data into readily accessible information, enabling you to view current and historical performance at a glance.

Remote troubleshooting

SCADAConnect introduces a feature for instant remote access by Rubicon Support for troubleshooting and assistance should the need arise.

Easy data analysis

Data including flow rates, gate position, water levels and more can be easily downloaded to a .CSV file and imported into a spreadsheet program.

"Plug and play"

SCADAConnect is easy to use and avoids the need for complicated integration. It works seamlessly with Rubicon’s gate and meter products out-of-the-box and can also be configured to manage third party devices. SCADAConnect has the capability to be used by multiple users simultaneously.

Set alerts designed with irrigation districts in mind

Real-time performance monitoring and SMS (text) or email alerts let you know if there are any issues so you can take action before problems occur. Adjustments can be made remotely, eliminating the need to be onsite.