Junta de Vigilancia del Río Choapa (JVRCH) in Chile has chosen to implement a Rubicon Site Management Solution to manage its 33 river offtakes. The solution involves installing FlumeGates™ at each of the offtakes, two radio repeater towers and a server running SCADAConnect® at the JVRCH office in Salamanca.

Located in the Coquimbo Region in northern Chile, JVRCH manages the supply of irrigation water along an an 80km stretch of the River Choapa.  The offtakes supply water to 33 irrigation communities which range from a few as four irrigators to as many as 235.

Currently, flow measurement at the offtakes is rudimentary and its impractical to manually adjust the existing gates frequently, making it difficult to supply each canal with the flow farmers need without supplying excess water. 

With the solution, operators will be able to use SCADAConnect to remotely instruct each FlumeGate to maintain a set flow rate. The solution will give JVRCH much greater control over the flow into each canal, enabling them to more closely match supply with demand. They will also be able to accurately meter volumes delivered to each community, so they can ensure water is equitably distributed.

The project is being partially funded by local mining company Minera Los Pelambres and Chile’s National Irrigation Commission. Jorge Araneda, Sustainability Manager from Minera Los Pelambres, said the project will benefit 3,000 irrigators who are experiencing prolonged drought.

The project is being delivered by Aqualogy, Rubicon’s Chilean distributor. Work is currently underway to prepare civil structures ready for gate installation during the first quarter of 2016.