FarmConnect™ Software

Rubicon’s FarmConnect software is the web application you use to monitor your crops and manage irrigation with wireless soil moisture probes, BayDrives and BladeValves in the field.


By combining the latest in internet technology and cellular network communications with Rubicon’s robust field equipment, FarmConnect software gives you more control than you ever thought possible.

FarmConnect software is web-based, so you can manage your irrigation online, using your computer at home, or a smartphone when you are away from the farmhouse. Because you don’t have to download and install FarmConnect software onto a computer in order to use it, you can manage your irrigation from any device that has web access, no matter where you are.

Your farm and irrigation layout is displayed on a Google satellite map so you can quickly navigate to a field device such as a soil moisture sensor or bay gate and check its status or open or close it.

Farmconnect Software

Crop Monitoring

Connected devices such as soil moisture sensors, weather stations and rain gauges can be remotely monitored, whether you are at home or away. With data recorded every 15 minutes, 24 hours a day and powerful graphing tools, FarmConnect software gives you true insight into crop water use, so you can precisely time your irrigations to maximize the productivity of your water.  What’s more, you can configure the software to send you an SMS text message or email when soil moisture drops below a set point, so that you can irrigate exactly when crops need it.

Farmconnect Software Soil Moisture

Surface Irrigation Automation

Devices such as Rubicon’s BladeValve (for pipe and riser systems) or BayDrive bay gate actuators (for open channel systems) can be operated remotely and automatically using FarmConnect software.

Powerful scheduling software lets you program and save multiple irrigation sequences in advance. Next time you water, you just choose the watering sequence that suits your crops, soil conditions and grazing activity at that point in time. You can commence a sequence manually or schedule it in advance to begin automatically.

And with comprehensive alarming you are kept up-to-date.  The software will let you know via SMS text message or email if there are any problems as an irrigation progresses, giving you peace of mind and freeing you up to get on with other tasks.

Farmconnect Software Program


  • Manage your irrigation online at home or away
  • Real-time device monitoring and control
  • SMS text message and email alerts
  • Easy configuration and set-up