FarmConnect® wins innovation award

FarmConnect has won the Technology & Innovation Award at the recent 2012 Elmore Field Days in Victoria, Australia.

Peter Moller, FarmConnect General Manager, was delighted with the recognition, saying “Winning this award is very relevant for the region and market we are focused on in Victoria and is an important milestone for FarmConnect.”

In accepting the award, Peter said the commercial release of FarmConnect comes at a time when we are facing increased pressure on availability of land and water resources while demand for food and fiber is likely to increase over the coming years, making food security an increasingly important issue around the world.

FarmConnect helps the farmer achieve more crop production with less water. Precision management of surface irrigation involves delivering water when the crop needs it and in a uniform manner using higher flow rates. FarmConnect uses the latest Rubicon technology to automate bay gates (BayDrive™) or pipe and riser system valves (BladeValve™), monitor irrigation system performance (pressure, flow, water level, remote pump start/stop), carry out auto detection for cut-off times (using FloodTech™) and sensing of plant water demand for irrigation commencement (using soil moisture probes).

Rubicon’s FarmConnect is industrially designed, manufactured to the highest quality and is fit for purpose for surface irrigation management and control. The FarmConnect innovation continues Rubicon’s reputation as a world leader in smart water technologies and will see continued integration between off-farm solutions (TCC) together with its on-farm solution (FarmConnect) with further commercialisation of products to follow.