First SlipMeter™ installed in Latin America

The first SlipMeter™ in Latin America has been installed at the Rio Yaqui Irrigation District in Mexico. Rio Yaqui, one of the largest irrigation districts in Mexico, chose the SlipMeter to improve flow measurement and control into the pipeline that feeds a large area of their district, Module 4. “The SlipMeter allows us to provide better and more precise water deliveries to the users of Module 4 in our irrigation district,” explains Engineer Ramón Romero, Rio Yaqui’s General Director.


The SlipMeter is a combined flow meter and control gate designed to automate irrigator turnouts and lateral headings.  The SlipMeter uses Rubicon’s Sonaray™ acoustic array measurement technology to achieve market leading flow accuracy. This pioneering technology allows accurate measurement of both low and high flows even when the meter is partially full.


Rio Yaqui uses a cloud deployment of SCADAConnect to remotely monitor and control the SlipMeter.