Automated high-flow valve for high-performance surface irrigation
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The BladeValve is a remotely operated high-flow pipe valve that makes surface irrigation less labor-intensive and more flexible.

Large Diameter

For high-flow gravity irrigation

Powered by the FerIT™

Incorporates the FerIT Solar Node for long range communication and long battery life

Smart Operation

Intelligent motor allows for variable open/close position, event driven operation and adaptive control


Solar-charged battery system

Remote operation

Irrigate without having to be on-site and time irrigations to precisely meet crop water requirements.

Features and Benefits

The BladeValve provides the freedom to irrigate without having to be on-site and the ability to precisely time irrigations to help you improve yields and reduce water use.

With a few mouse-clicks from any location with an internet connection you can open or close the BladeValve. You can also set-up pre-planned irrigation sequences to time the opening and closing of a series of BladeValves and receive alerts from the field to give you peace of mind that all is going as planned.

The BladeValve’s all-in-one design means everything has been designed – solar power, motor control and communications – to function as a single unit. Continuing Rubicon’s tradition of completely rethinking gravity irrigation to design innovative solutions from the ground-up, the result is a rugged product designed for reliability and to lower costs of installation, operation and overall cost of ownership.


  • Fits 15in vertical riser pipes
  • Large diameter for lower water velocity
  • Closes and seals under 50ft of head†
  • Capable of remote operation from anywhere with an internet connection
  • Engineered and manufactured for long life
  • Email and SMS text alerts to track irrigation progress
  • Powered by the FerIT™ Solar Node, containing location registers that are uploaded to the host for automatic mapping.

A FarmConnect™ product

The BladeValve is part of the FarmConnect product range for farmers. FarmConnect’s modular hardware and software enables precisely-timed application of water to crops using high-flow, high-performance surface irrigation. With FarmConnect, farmers can grow higher-value crops using less labor, water and energy.

†Consult Rubicon if operation under higher pressure is required.


The BladeValve uses technologies which are common across Rubicon products:
Valve control technology

Traditional large diameter valves require a large force and expensive high-power actuators to close the valve against the pipe network’s pressure. In contrast, the BladeValve’s unique design allows the valve to seal under high pressures at large diameters using a high torquBladeValve FerIT Solar Nodee electric motor with minimal power from the solar power supply.

Remote operation

The BladeValve’s secure pole mounted housing contains the electronics, high capacity power system and wireless communications for remote operation. Each BladeValve communicates through a FarmConnect Gateway* installed in the field which is connected to a cellular network and then the internet, enabling remote management using FarmConnect Software.

Location registers in the integrated FerIT Solar Node ensures each BladeValve is accurately displayed on a Google Maps interface making remote opening, closing, programming and monitoring simple.

*Sold separately



Maximum static head (pressure) 16 m
Consult Rubicon if operation under higher pressure is required.
ControlLocal via a toggle switch or remote via FarmConnect software (sold separately)
Drive mechanism Motor driven screw connected to actuator arms
ElectronicsPower management and control technology contained within integrated housing. Each unit passes a 12hr heat soak pre-stress and 100% functional test.
WeightRefer to the BladeValve sizes and dimensions table
MotorBrushless 12V DC
Typical stroke time Less than 2 minutes
Valve position controlCan be set to open, closed or a percentage of open
Actuation options 12V DC powered (solar); manual with ratcheting socket wrench


Valve lid, mounting collar, actuator arms, top beam, housing poleStructural grade aluminium
Hardware, shafts, pins Structural grade stainless steel
SealsEPDM rubber


Power supply 12VDC self-contained battery charged from solar panel or AC line power
Solar panel10W monocrystalline (20W optional)
Batteries(1) 12V sealed gel lead acid with temperature sensor (~5yr
life, provides ~5 days of operation without solar power)


ProtocolsModbus, analog/digital I/Os, USB
Data communications ZigBee (international wireless communication standard)
Zigbee radio frequency 2.4GHz
Gateway (sold separately) A FarmConnect Gateway provides the interface to cellular networks and can link up to 120 BladeValves. Additional gateways enable unlimited expansion.
Transmission range 1km between BladeValves. A BladeValve can reach the Gateway over much larger distances by passing data through intermediate BladeValves (called self-meshing).


Operating temp 1°C to 60°C
Operating humidity 0% to 100%
Water temperature 1°C to 50°C

Specifications subject to change