The FlumeMeter is a ground-breaking all-in-one meter specifically designed for open canals.
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Its all-in-one design makes it simple to install, almost maintenance-free and provides accurate and reliable flow measurement even in turbulent environments.

Integrated MicronLevel Sensors

MicronLevel water level measurement sensors are housed within the internal frame

Sonaray™ Technology

32 transducers across eight plains send and receive ultrasonic pulses to determine velocity

Partially full measurement

A MicronLevel ultrasonic water level sensor can be fitted to provide accurate flow measurement when the measurement box is not completely full.


Solar-charged battery system with 80, 120, 160 watt solar panel options

Remote operation

Can be controlled remotely when connected to a SCADA system or over cellular networks using SCADAConnect

Features and Benefits

All-in-one means everything has been designed – ultrasonic measurement, power supply, local control keypad and telemetry – to function as one single unit. There are no integration problems or incompatibilities, it simply works.

The FlumeMeter has very low headloss and is designed to be installed upstream of pipe inlets to provide simple installation and maintenance access. This ensures life-long confidence and low ongoing maintenance costs.

The FlumeMeter uses Rubicon’s unique Sonaray™ technology which is unaffected by turbulence and so does not require straight lengths of pipe or channel upstream or downstream. This means it can be installed in existing structures without costly civil work and in structures where other meters just can’t be installed.

The FlumeMeter is installed by sliding into a frame that is fixed to an existing structure. A range of available frames means it can be installed at low cost and even in the presence of an existing control gate.

Simple to manage, the FlumeMeter can be read on-site or remotely when connected to any Modbus, DNP-3 or MDLC compatible SCADA network including Rubicon’s SCADAConnect™ system.

The FlumeMeter is an ideal solution for....

  • Measuring very low flow rates
  • Accurate reading in circumstances where the meter is partially-full
  • Minimizing civil infrastructure costs
  • Sites where there is high turbulence, debris or other contaminants
  • Remotely located sites


  • Sonaray flow measurement accuracy of ±2.5%
  • Can be mounted over existing turnout gates
  • Solar-charged battery system
  • No calibration needed
  • Reads accurately when partially full when fitted with MicronLevel™ sensor
  • No moving parts to catch debris

Low maintenance

The FlumeMeter requires minimal maintenance. Comprehensive error detection and on-site diagnostics are built into the meter software.

Factory pre-calibrated, its digital measurement does not drift or require periodic recalibration to maintain accuracy.

Easy to install

Using a slide-in frame, FlumeMeters are designed to retrofit upstream of existing turnout gates to significantly reduce costs associated with civil work. They can also be mounted to purpose built emplacements.

In most cases it can be installed and operational in two days; during irrigation or the off-season.


The FlumeMeter uses core technologies which are common across TCC™ products:
Sonaray™ flow measurement

Rubicon’s FlumeMeter employs Sonaray ultrasonic array technology. The ultrasonic array principle maps the velocity profile by using multiple transecting paths to provide an accurate representation of the velocity distribution within the meter box.

This technique measures across the entire velocity field within the meter box and is resistant to swirl, or other non-uniform velocity distributions caused by garbage or other debris.

It also eliminates the need for flow profile calibrations that are required for single-point, single-path and velocity-sample based metering technologies.

SCADAConnect™ remote management

The FlumeMeter can be managed remotely with Rubicon’s SCADAConnect software. This takes the form of a web page which allows authorized users to remotely view real-time and historical flow information and configure alarms that can be sent via text message to nominated cell phones.

SolarDrive™ meter management technology

The meter is managed by Rubicon’s SolarDrive technology – purpose-built integrated circuitry that manages solar power regulation, battery charge and it provides data and management tools via the user interface.

Flows are measured with up to one second resolution and are stored with volumetric usage records in internal memory. Data recording annual water usage can be uploaded via the internal serial port or remotely via a SCADA system.



User interfaceLCD screen
Data interfaceRS232/485, USB, Ethernet, Protocols – DNP3, MDLC, Modbus, TCP/IP, others
Local interface languageEnglish, Spanish, French, Chinese and Italian (metric/imperial units)
Data StorageHistorical data can be uploaded locally via USB for post processing.
Data tagsA comprehensive set of tags are available for integration into SCADA systems
ElectronicsSolarDrive™ power management and control technology housed in the local Control Pedestal. Each unit passes a 12hr heat soak pre-stress and 100% functional test.

Flow measurement

TechniqueCross-path ultrasonic transit-time
Transit-time measurement resolution 100 picoseconds
Measurement rate 2.5 seconds
Accuracy±2.5% verified in Rubicon’s hydraulics laboratory
Measurement rangeAccuracy listed above is achieved at flow velocities greater than 83mm per second. Maximum flow capacity is determined by site hydraulic conditions, but is typically greater than 2m per second. Consult your Rubicon sales engineer for details.
Sensor quantity32 individual acoustic sensors, arranged in four cartridges, across 8 planes of measurement
Calibration method Factory pre-calibrated. Optional ultrasonic level sensor is also internally self-calibrating. Simple in-field verification process.
AlarmingAlarm indicates excess build-up of silt. Meter alarms if water depth falls below minimum required level.

Water level measurement



FramesExtruded marine grade aluminium
Corrosion protection Marine-grade aluminium and stainless steel materials designed for typical irrigation water applications. Additional chemical corrosion protection is available for -P models, which are provided with a polyamine-cured epoxy coating. Please consult your Rubicon sales engineer.
Hardware Stainless steel
Water level sensors Anodised aluminium and copolymer acetyl plastic with stainless-steel fittings


Power supply 12VDC self-contained battery charged from solar panel or AC line power
BatteriesSealed gel lead acid with temperature sensor (~5yr life, provides ~5 days of operation without solar or mains power input) or optional LiFePO4
Specifications subject to change