The SlipGate is a new generation of precision sluice/slide gate.
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Designed from the ground up with technological innovations, the SlipGate provides precision and reliability even under the high-duty cycles that are a consequence of automation.

Integrated MicronLevel Sensors

MicronLevel water level measurement sensors are housed within the internal frame

CableDrive Actuation

Positive drive in both the raise and lower directions, with positioning to within ±0.5mm (0.02in) for precise control

FormiPanel™ Construction

Strong, yet lightweight and corrosion-resistant laminate gate leaf construction


Solar-charged battery system with 80, 120, 160 watt solar panel options

Remote operation

Can be controlled remotely when connected to a SCADA system or over cellular networks using SCADAConnect

Features and Benefits

All-in-one means everything has been designed – drive system, motor control, power supply, local control keypad and telemetry – to function as one single unit. There are no integration problems or incompatibilities, it simply works.

Designed from the ground up with technological innovations, the SlipGate provides precision and reliability even under the high-duty cycles that are a consequence of automation. The patented drive system, laminated panel and unique adjustable seals remove the risk and ongoing maintenance issues associated with trying to automate existing gates.

To enable installation in those remote sites that are most costly to visit, the SlipGate is powered with a high performance solar power system. And that also means you can avoid the electricity costs often associated with automation.

In-built support for the most common SCADA software protocols and a variety of radio or GPRS options provide flexibility without compromising design integrity and reliability.

The SlipGate is ideal for

  • Sites with large operational head variations
  • Sites where level and flow measurement is not needed or already exists
  • Automating farmer turnouts
  • Gates used to evacuate canals in stormwater situations
  • Remote locations without AC power


  • Local control pedestal & display in multiple languages
  • Sophisticated control software
  • Designed to integrate with a level sensor or flow meter
  • SCADA ready communication system
  • Solar-charged or AC charged battery system
  • Not affected by seating or unseating head
  • High-duty cycle operation and low maintenance
  • High-strength FormiPanel construction
  • Robust CableDrive drive mechanism

Automatic control

The SlipGate is designed to easily integrate a third party level sensor or flow meter or Rubicon’s own standalone MicronLevel™ water level sensor mounted nearby. The built-in software provides seamless SCADA management of the integrated meter or sensor and the following control possibilities.

Control objective

Level control

When interfaced with a level sensor, the SlipGate software will collect data from the level sensor and modulate the gate to maintain a desired level in the pool immediately upstream or downstream, depending on the level sensor location.

Flow control

When interfaced with a flow meter, the SlipGate software will collect data from the flow meter and modulate the gate to maintain a desired flow regardless of canal levels.

Low maintenance

The SlipGate’s modular design allows it to be maintained in the field with minimal tools, training, and easily replaceable parts.

  • Easily adjustable and replaceable gate seals
  • On-site diagnostics built into the control software
  • Service can be done by local Rubicon field technicians or authorized/trained independent local integrators

Easy to install

Using a slide-in frame, Rubicon’s SlipGates are designed to retrofit to existing check type regulating structures or mount to existing headwall structures as well as mount to purpose-built emplacements significantly reducing costs associated with civil work.

In most cases it can be installed and operational in two days; during irrigation or the off-season.


The SlipGate uses core technologies which are common across TCC™ products:
Local control pedestal

Each SlipGate installation includes a robust pedestal that provides power and control to the gate and is a secure, weather-proof housing for electronic components and batteries.

The pedestal also serves as a local user interface. A keypad and LCD display are located under the pedestal lid, allowing farmers to monitor, or operators to control and troubleshoot on-site.

High-strength FormiPanel™ construction

FormiPanel is Rubicon’s high-strength gate leaf construction that uses techniques adopted from the aerospace and marine industries.

The gate panel assembly is a laminate construction that utilizes high strength industrial adhesives to bond structural grade aluminum extrusions and skin plates to a synthetic core material. The result is strong, lightweight, and corrosion resistant.

CableDrive™ and SolarDrive™ gate control technology

CableDrive™ is Rubicon’s actuation system designed to provide precision gate position accuracy and repeatability in harsh environments. The drive is a cable and drum mechanism that provides positive drive in both the raise and lower directions. It is designed for high duty cycle operation and provides precise gate positioning to within ±0.5mm (0.02in).

The drive is managed by Rubicon’s SolarDrive™ technology – a purpose-built integrated circuit board that manages gate positioning, solar power regulation, battery charge, fusing and the pedestal keypad interface.

Unique seal technology

Gate seals are fitted on three or four sides of the gate leaf depending upon whether the entire leaf is under water. The seals are continuous and fitted to the internal frame of the SlipGate. They extend along the full perimeter of the outer and underside of the gate panel.

Seals on both the upstream and downstream sides of the gate mean it can hold flow in both directions and is not affected by seating or unseating head.

The crush between the seals and the gate leaf wear pads can be easily adjusted to compensate for wear. The pads are constructed with polyvinyl chloride (PVC) to reduce the coefficient of friction and increase service life, especially under high-duty cycles.

The unique gate leaf profile crushes the bottom seal when the gate is closed to ensure an excellent seal.



User interfaceLCD screen
Data interfaceRS232/485, USB, Ethernet, Protocols – DNP3, MDLC, Modbus, TCP/IP, others
Local interface languageEnglish, Spanish, French, Chinese and Italian (metric/imperial units)
Data tagsA comprehensive set of tags are available for integration into SCADA systems
Control Local or remote via SCADA
Drive mechanism CableDrive™ wire rope and cable drum assembly for precision positioning and long life
ElectronicsSolarDrive™ power management and control technology housed in the local Control Pedestal. Each unit passes a 12hr heat soak pre-stress and 100% functional test.
Typical weight Refer to SlipGate data sheet
Motor12V DC; 28AH
Seating/unseating headNot affected by seating or unseating head due to the unique double sided seal
Gate position256 count magnetic encoder
Seal performance<0.02 litres/second per lineal metre of seal (better than the American and European standards AWWA C513 & DIN 19569)
Actuation options12V DC powered (solar); 240V AC powered; manual with hand-crank or car battery


FramesExtruded marine grade aluminium
Gate panels Composite laminate construction using marine grade aluminium sheet bonded to RTM Styrofoam on aluminium extrusion
HardwareStainless steel
ShaftsStainless steel
SealsEDPM rubber
Wear stripPVC


Power supply 12VDC self-contained battery charged from solar panel or AC mains power
BatteriesSealed gel lead acid with temperature sensor (~5yr life, provides ~5 days of operation without solar or mains power input) or optional LiFePO4
Specifications subject to change