Sonaray™ Pipe Meter

The Sonaray Pipe Meter is designed to accurately measure flow rates in rural water supply applications.
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The Sonaray Pipe Meter is a large-diameter flow meter designed to accurately measure flow rates in rural water supply applications.

The Pipe Meter uses Rubicon’s unique Sonaray technology, which is tolerant to significant turbulence.

Large Diameter

for high-flow gravity irrigation

Pattern Approved

Flow measurement accuracy has been certified in Australia under NMI M 10 for the 2ft Sonaray Pipe Meter model

Sonaray™ Technology

20 transducers across 5 planes send and receive ultrasonic pulses to determine flow rate


Solar-charged battery system with 80, 120, 160 watt solar panel options

Remote operation

Can be controlled remotely using SCADA or over cellular networks using SCADAConnect™

Features and Benefits

The Sonaray Pipe Meter is available with mounting flanges to suit either in-line or end-of-pipe installations. Everything has been designed – ultrasonic measurement, solar power supply, local control keypad and telemetry – to function as a single unit. There are no integration problems or incompatibilities, it simply works from the instant it is installed.

The Pipe Meter uses Rubicon’s unique Sonaray technology, which is tolerant to significant turbulence. It operates with minimal upstream straight pipe and no downstream pipe, supporting compact civil installations.

Instantaneous flow rate and total volume passed are calculated, providing a precise account of water usage. And unlike traditional meters, the Sonaray Pipe Meter never requires recalibration, ensuring low ongoing maintenance costs.

Simple to manage, it can be read on-site or remotely when connected to a traditional SCADA network or it can be connected to public cellular networks via Rubicon’s SCADAConnect™ Live cloud solution.

The Sonaray Pipe Meter is ideal for...

  • Measuring very low flow rates

  • Minimizing expenditure on civil infrastructure

  • Remotely-located sites

  • Requiring remote operation and accurate metering
  • Sites with small footprint due to the 2D/0D installation сapability


  • Large diameter for high flow gravity irrigation
  • Sonaray flow measurement accuracy of ±2.5%
  • Pattern approved under the NMI M 10-1 Australian standard
  • SCADA-ready communication system

Local control pedestal

Each Sonaray Pipe Meter installation includes a robust pedestal that provides power and control to the valve and is a secure, weather-proof housing for electronic components and batteries.

The pedestal also serves as a local user interface. A keypad and LCD display are located under the lockable lid, allowing farmers to monitor, or operators to control and troubleshoot on-site.

Remote Management

The Sonaray Pipe Meter can be managed remotely with Rubicon’s SCADAConnect software or third-party SCADA systems. Authorized users can remotely view realtime and historical flow information and configure alarms that can be sent via text message to nominated cell phones.

NMI Pattern Approved

Our 2ft Sonaray Pipe Meter has been certified by the Australian National Measurements Institute as of August 2019.
Testing and verification was completed by the Australian Flow Management Group in March 2019 at the University of South Australia.

Pattern Approval Number: NMI 14/3/42


The Sonaray Pipe Meter uses core technologies which are common across TCC™ products:
Sonaray™ flow measurement

The Pipe Meter employs Rubicon’s Sonaray cross-path ultrasonic flow measurement technology. Twenty transducers across five planes send and receive ultrasonic pulses to determine velocity by measuring the transit time taken for the pulses to travel between transducers.

Cross-path measurement means that the control device can be located directly downstream from the measurement area without affecting accuracy. The Sonaray Pipe Meter also has a downward-facing transducer to verify that the pipe is completely full, eliminating flow measurement error caused by partially-full pipes.


Specifications subject to change