Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions

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With the Network Control solution, channel systems can perform with nearly the same responsiveness as pressurised piped distribution system, without the energy costs. If water is pumped into your channels instead of coming from storage, the outfall reduction that Network Control achieves can substantially reduce energy costs.

With Rubicon’s Site Management solution you can use SCADAConnect software to remotely manage our control gates.  It enables control changes to be made more frequently and safely. Comprehensive alarm management means you can respond to issues before they become problems and together with the ability to do time-series trend analysis you can manage and plan better.

The Network Control solution takes remote monitoring and control to the next level. Much more than a SCADA system, Network Control uses NeuroFlo software to automatically coordinate and control FlumeGates in a conveyance or distribution channel system to optimize the delivery of water.

By automatically coordinating a sequence of FlumeGates in a channel, the Network Control solution optimizes the delivery of water to eliminate outfalls, so that more water remains available in storage or in rivers, while simultaneously providing high, consistent flows to farms. 

Rubicon has developed flow measurement technologies specifically for gravity-fed irrigation applications, including a range of solutions for measuring flows accurately in open channels and for metering at service points.

The SlipMeter is an undershot flow meter with an integrated control gate designed to automate farm service points. It uses Rubicon’s unique acoustic array flow measurement technology to accurately measure flows even in turbulent conditions. Instantaneous flow rate and total volume passed are recorded, providing a precise account of water usage.

With the Network Control solution, FlumeGates automatically maintain water levels along the length of a channel, providing more consistent and reliable flows through farm service points. All farmers receive the same, quality service whether they are towards the beginning of the end of a channel system.

The Demand-Integrated Network Control solution combines the automated collection and fulfilment of water delivery requests with the Network Control solution’s automated channel control for a flexible, responsive system that can deliver water almost on-demand. Automated service points deliver high, consistent flows and an accurately measured quantity, day or night.

With Rubicon’s Operations Management solution you can plan deliveries more efficiently, with software tools to automate the collection, planning and execution of water delivery requests. 

The Operations Automation solution builds on the Operations Management solution by automating the scheduling and delivery of water delivery requests and uses sophisticated demand-smoothing techniques to optimize channel capacity. 

The Demand-Integrated Network Control solution combines the Operations Automation solution with the Network Control solution’s automated channel control for a flexible and responsive system that can deliver water almost on-demand.

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