Future AgTech trends highlighted

In the latest edition of The Australian Farmer, Rubicon Manager Peter Moller has highlighted the key impacts that big data and automation are going to have in the irrigated farming sector over the next few years.

The key point points he made in the article were:

  • Through the use of technology, Australian irrigators are achieving much higher levels of water application efficiency compared to competitors. There is great potential for this technology in other parts of the world
  • He anticipates that farmers will move from using multiple software programs to manage their farm equipment and data to a single platform that does everything
  • Increasingly, farm systems will be able to predict future crop water needs
  • Additionally, these systems likely to become fully autonomous in the near future, deciding when to irrigate then carrying out the irrigation automatically.

You can read the full interview here: https://issuu.com/bpts/docs/the_australian_farmer/264