Irrigation District Solutions

Network Control Solutions

Total Channel Control™

Total Channel Control (TCC™) Solutions provide managed flows and water levels throughout the entire channel network.

Low-Energy Pipeline

Rubicon’s Low Energy Pipeline (LEP™) solution is a gravity-fed shared pipeline system that uses large diameter Rubicon BladeMeter™ service points and smart software to distribute water from channels to multiple farms.

Site Management Solution

Rubicon’s site management solutions provide real-time flow and water level monitoring and control with the ability to make adjustments without traveling to site.

Water Efficiency

A Network Control solution can help you deliver water more efficiently by eliminating the outfalls at the end of canals and by supplying water almost on-demand at high, consistent flow rates. This enables farmers to irrigate more productively using less water. Contact us to discover how our solutions can save water for your specific situation.

Energy Efficiency

Water distribution efficiency improvements create proportional reductions in energy consumption, significantly reducing the operating costs of supplying water to elevated irrigation areas. A Network Control solution can help you save energy, significantly reducing the energy cost of supplying irrigation water to farms. Contact us to discover how our solar and gravity-fed solutions can save energy for your specific situation.

Accurate Measurement and Control

Flow Measurement

Accurate measurement of irrigation water is a crucial first step towards ensuring it is used efficiently and productively. Rubicon’s flow measurement technologies have been developed specifically for gravity-fed irrigation applications, including a range of solutions for accurately measuring flows in open canals and turnouts.

Water Level Measurement

Maintaining stable water levels in irrigation canals is necessary for constant and high flows for irrigators. Rubicon’s solutions can help you to control upstream or downstream water level at a single point or throughout the entire canal network.

Climate Measurement

The Rubicon Weather Station incorporates advanced technology into an all-in-one microclimatic device that provides precision data with minimal maintenance requirements.

Operations Software Solutions

Operations Management Software

Automate the scheduling and delivery of water delivery requests using sophisticated demand-smoothing techniques to optimize canal capacity. Customer orders can be confirmed immediately upon request – even at short notice.

Water Order Management Software

Manage irrigation water delivery requests to improve the efficiency of your operations and provide better service to your customers.


Rubicon delivers the world’s largest and most sophisticated agricultural data networks. Full seven-layer OSI data routing is provided through a diverse range of channel mediums. Essential redundancy and autonomous operation is enabled by sophisticated peer-to-peer communications. Advanced diagnostics provides complete visibility of the status of all device registers with the additional benefit of over-the-air firmware upgrades.