Irrigators delighted with automated farm service points

According to a local newspaper, Murrumbidgee Irrigation customers are delighted with their new Rubicon SlipGate® automated farm service points.

A local farmer said: “the new automated outlet worked well with his on-farm irrigation structures as they had been automated for a number of years.”

“Having the MI outlets now automated is allowing me to take full advantage of my own on-farm automation – it’s just brilliant,” he said.

Trials at outlet sites were established to assess two independent suppliers in early 2017.

They concluded at the end of the 2016-17 irrigation season, with Rubicon being selected as the preferred supplier of the automated SlipGate.

Murrumbidgee Irrigation is one of the largest private irrigation companies in Australia, serving over 3,300 landholdings owned by over 2,500 customers within an area of 670,000 hectares. Murrumbidgee Irrigation has been using Rubicon’s irrigation management software for over 20 years and is currently modernising it supply infrastructure using Rubicon technology.

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