Ledesma leverages automation to increase sugarcane irrigation efficiency by 27%

Leading Argentinian Agro-Industrial company, Ledesma, explains how technology has significantly improved irrigation efficiency and sugarcane production.

One of Argentina’s largest agro-industrial companies, Ledesma, has significantly improved irrigation efficiency and sugarcane production thanks to accurate monitoring and control of their channel delivery network. Ledesma produced 301,000 tons of physical sugar at harvest in November 2023, and even though there was less rain, improved irrigation management allowed them to increase yield.

Ledesma installed 18 automated gates in 2021 to better manage the distribution of water to their 40,000 hectares of sugarcane production. Ledesma’s Communications Manager states that “the company increased irrigation on sugarcane fields by 27%, with a better use of water.”

In an interview with Suena a Campo, Ledesma’s Communications Manager, Ignacio Duelo, highlighted the noticable performance improvement that the company achieved in its annual sugarcane harvest, attributing the increase in production largely to irrigation management and the work of its team.

Ledesma is one of the largest sugar, paper, and bioethanol producers in Argentina. According to the article featured in Suena a Campo, the annual sugarcane harvest increased by 5% compared to 2022, which was achieved after 3 years of consecutive drought.

“Through the Una Vuelta Más program, the company increased irrigation on sugarcane fields by 27%, making better use of water. To achieve this goal, the company incorporated technology that improved teamwork, measured and controlled water inflows into its canals in order to make better irrigation decisions, and trained its personnel through an agreement with the National Institute of Agricultural Technology (INTA),” said Ignacio Duelo.

He added that “we incorporated technology for monitoring and coordinating irrigation work, but the workers’ hands were also important.”


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We also invite you to read this opinion column published in November 2021 in La Nación newspaper of Argentina, written by Fernando Solanas, Ledesma’s Field Manager.

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