More TCC technology for Chile

The Elqui River Management Board (Junta de Vigilancia del Rio Elqui) in La Serena, Chile has today placed an order with Rubicon for the next three phases of its modernization plan to cover a further 13 canals.

The Board first began using Rubicon’s TCC technology in October 2011 to automate and control the headworks of six of their largest canals and a second phase involving another eight canals a year later.

Now in its sixth year of drought, Chile is facing enormous challenges that include not only scarcity but competition for water from mining companies and urban dwellers.

For these reasons, the Elqui River Management Board has placed a high priority on equity and transparency in allocating the water that flows in the river. To do this requires accurate measurement and control of water allocations into open canals that feed irrigation districts and this is where Rubicon technology comes in.

Not only has the Board more control to manage better, but the farmers (and other users) now have real-time information about the water flowing in their canals and can be assured that they are receiving their allocation simply by going to the Board’s website.

The Elqui River Management Board manages the supply of water from the Elqui River to 5,000 irrigators within Chile’s Coquimbo region, 300 miles north of Santiago. The area supports a major agricultural sector of 60,000 acres, producing grapes for export and for pisco – the Chilean national drink, along with other fruit and vegetable crops.