Murray Irrigation launches new water ordering system based on Confluent™

Murray Irrigation today launched a new water ordering system that uses Rubicon technology. A key initiative of the Murray Irrigation 2014 Strategic Plan is the upgrade of their water distribution infrastructure to provide their customers with an improved and more flexible irrigation service.

The new water ordering system is based on Rubicon Water’s Confluentsoftware, a comprehensive suite of tools that transforms the way irrigation districts manage water, administer operations and serve their customers.

Confluent includes a dedicated web portal with customer login enabling irrigators to manage their water orders and usage and view their entitlements. At the same time, Murray Irrigation will be able to improve efficiency by automating the collection, management and planning of requests for water delivery.

Murray Irrigation is using Confluent as a key component to enable the transition from once-a-day manual customer order delivery to remote and automated system control.

Gino Ciavarella, General Manager for Software and Director of Rubicon Water said, “Murray Irrigation liked the fact that unlike generic software packages designed for factories or the office, Confluent is designed specifically for irrigation districts so is faster to launch and easier to use and covers all the operations of an irrigation district.”

Murray Irrigation Ltd is the largest private irrigation company in Australia servicing 2,400 farms in southern NSW over 748,000 ha of operational area.