Murray Irrigation signs $60 million contract with Rubicon Water

On 27 September, Murray Irrigation signed a multi-million dollar agreement with Rubicon Water to upgrade their water distribution infrastructure in southern New South Wales, Australia.

The agreement follows on from a successful Network Control pilot project and the roll-out of Murray Irrigation’s water ordering system, which uses Rubicon’s Confluent software.

Murray Irrigation Chairman Noel Graham said the agreement will have significant benefits for Murray Irrigation.

“Signing this contract is good news, not only for Murray Irrigation and its customers, but also for the region itself,” Mr Graham said.

“Rubicon products will be installed in our channel offtakes and regulators and the majority of the new meters being installed on customer’s landholdings are Rubicon products. The contract includes arrangements for maintenance and extended warranty.”

New South Wales irrigators are set to benefit from world-leading technology, designed, manufactured, installed, commissioned and maintained by Rubicon Water.

“It will provide a much improved service to Murray Irrigation customers, with more flexible ordering times and more reliable flows through their turnouts, which will enable them to use their water more productively,” Rubicon Water CEO Bruce Rodgerson said.

“Murray Irrigation will also benefit from a number of new innovations that are designed to make the modernization of gravity irrigation systems more efficient and cost-effective.”

Murray Irrigation Ltd is the largest private irrigation company in Australia, servicing 2,400 farms in southern New South Wales over 1.8m acres of operational area.