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NeuroFlo provides reliable 24/7 operation, with alarm escalation and notification pushed over SMS, or email. A comprehensive suite of remote device monitoring tools and sophisticated alarms can transform your operation by giving your team the detailed real-time performance information they need to rapidly respond to issues before they become problems and without having to travel to site.

NeuroFlo is an end-to-end software platform designed to meet the needs of catchment managers down to individual operators. NeuroFlo can be used as a standalone product or integrated with Rubicon hardware and network infrastructure to provide network automation and enhanced TCC* capabilities.


Have a real site history of your Gate, by day, weeks or months!

Efficiently manage irrigation network components such as water sources, canals, wells, and turnouts. Capture detailed information, audit changes, and group sites for easier management. There is no limit to the number of structures that can be managed. Utilize advanced search and filtering features, including a map view, for quick site access.

Dive a little deeper into NeuroFlo's core features...

Irrigation Management NetworkNeuroFlo provides the ability to define and manage irrigation network components like water sources, check structures, canals, wells, and customer turnouts. Detailed information about each component can be captured and changes are fully audited. There is no limit to the number of structures or type of structure that can be managed. Sites can be grouped in to irrigation area’s or arbitrary groups as required.


Extensive search and filtering capability including a map view is included so that you can find sites quickly and easily.

Telemetry_NeuroFlo_RubiconNeuroFlo provides powerful SCADA functionality tailored specifically for irrigation network management, providing real-time remote supervision and management of gates, meters and other field devices.

NeuroFlo provides reliable 24 x 7 operation, with alarm escalation and notification pushed over SMS, or email. A comprehensive suite of remote device monitoring tools and sophisticated alarms can transform your operation by giving your team the detailed real-time performance information they need to rapidly respond to issues before they become problems and without having to travel to site.

Water Rights Management

NeuroFlo is designed for simple water rights and allocation management for a broad range of water users and landowners in single or grouped farm management systems. NeuroFlo has the flexibility to define water rights or entitlements in a range of single and mixed water supply systems (using both surface water and groundwater sources) in the way that reflects your district’s legal structure.

Usage Tracking

Usage can be tracked via orders or via meter reads. If telemetry is available usage can be updated in real time.

Water Transfers

NeuroFlo’s comprehensive set of features to manage allocation and transfers of water rights is designed for a wide range of accounting options including equity shares, delivery shares and environmental flows, with an expansive set of options for allocation and usage reporting and batch reporting. NeuroFlo provides tools to manage permanent or temporary transfer of rights into or out of customers’ water accounts, and interfaces to external water rights registers to support external management requirements.

Customer Communication/Messaging

NeuroFlo’s customer interface allows 24/7 access to up –to-date information on entitlement, allocation, usage and water delivery information, improving customer service. NeuroFlo allows sending

and receiving messages, and making announcements which customers can view in the portal. Event-based notifications (via SMS and email) can be configured, such as sending a notification when a water order is about to begin.

Customer Self-Service Ordering

NeuroFlo’s customer interface provides self-service functions for irrigators. Irrigators can lodge/submit and manage water orders, view allocation and usage, monitor flow remotely which frees up valuable time of both theirs and operational staff. All order, changes are tracked in a historical log, providing transparency for both customers and operators. NeuroFlo can be configured to provide automatic confirmation of orders and delivery reminder notifications at certain stages of the order. Notice periods and cut off period rules can be configured for order lodgement and changed based on your requirements.



Water Operations Portal

NeuroFlo helps irrigation district staff plan their operations, and automatically checks that deliveries adhere to rights and confirmation of water orders, along with any transfers throughout the season.

NeuroFlo also enables field-based staff to monitor consumption, exchange data from the field to the office and enter water orders on behalf of your customers if requested. Staff can take calls and submit/manage water orders remotely from any internet connected device. Customers will be notified if orders are placed on their behalf and have the ability to edit the order, in line with district policy. All water ordering interfaces are integrated across the NeuroFlo suite and all data is stored in a central repository.

NeuroFlo provides advanced and easy to use meter reading functions to provide error-free data collection and accurate billing; catering for a range of options including farmer self-reporting, in-field manual meter reading and automated remote meter reading for real time usage reporting.

NeuroFlo’s customer interface enables farmers to self-report and save on meter reading costs. NeuroFlo provides smartphone interfaces to allow your staff to manually collect meter readings on your non- telemetered fleet more efficiently and accurately without the need for specialist handheld devices. If readings are recorded outside of cellular or Wi-Fi range, data will be held on the local device and automatically uploaded to the central database once back in range. The ability to document hazards to enable your field staff to reach sites safely and efficiently is also provided. Once readings have been entered, they can be sent back to the office as soon as you are in cellular or Wi-Fi range.

For users that access their meter readings via telemetry, NeuroFlo’s smart meter communications interfaces completely automate the management of telemetry connected meters via the inbuilt functionality or via other import options.

Meter sites are grouped into operational areas and displayed on a map and in grouped lists, which can be filtered to show only sites that have not been read or those with estimated readings. Using customer name, asset name, or GPS coordinates, staff can quickly locate and drill-down to individual sites to see relevant information including historical and estimated usage, water rights, allocations and customer contact information.

Comprehensive data auditing features provide alerts if readings are unexpectedly low or high, reducing the possibility of input errors, and ensures that usage data is automatically captured and updated (or estimated) based on historical data. Any required meter adjustments are simply managed via the management interfaces, with a comprehensive audit trail. NeuroFlo also allows you to manage usage accounts for meters that are shared between customers via its time-based incremental billing functions.

Tariffs Rates and Invoicing

NeuroFlo provides integrated billing and invoicing functions, supporting billing account management, billing schedule management, charge rules, and automatically generating water statements and invoices on pre-defined schedules.

Tariff and rate structures are flexible and can be defined to fit your business, made up of any combination of billing rate codes, charges such as water usage, property size or farm assets, and any combination of fixed or variable costs, including one-off ad/hoc variable charges or regular. Charge rules can be levied on water rights owned or on acreage (regardless of usage), on actual water deliveries, or on fixed maintenance fees. The charges in the system can be setup to be different, if required, across your customer base or within different divisions.

NeuroFlo provides user payment entry records and can seamlessly interface with external accounting and financial systems including QuickBooks and MYOB, allowing your entire team to work with the same data simultaneously. Invoices can be generated by schedule and the data formatted for export into to your preferred accounting package. Accounts receivable and payment receipts are tracked within NeuroFlo’s account management screens, and credit and debit adjustments can be made to reflect actual delivery balances, with data filtering options to give quick access to customer information. “Stops” can be applied to the water account or to individual customer service points.



Invoicing data is drawn from detailed information about your customers stored in a central data repository , such as land, owner, and lessee information, with integrated linking of owners and lessees to land, and turnouts to land. Single or multiple users can be assigned to one account, and one user can be assigned to multiple accounts, with all contact details and phone numbers readily accessible for operations and account management staff.

Network Planning and Scheduling – Tools for planning of water delivery

Network Planning and Scheduling improves operational efficiency by automating the collection, management and planning of requests for water delivery. NeuroFlo is designed to support both order based and roster/rotation-based delivery scheduling methods, and provides easy to use tools to view trends, predict usage and conserve water. NeuroFlo assists in shortening notice periods by making planning and scheduling more efficient, providing powerful tools to schedule demand to fit withing network limitations. The software’s ability to automatically suggest smoothing of the peaks and troughs in demand for water means that channel capacity utilisation can be increased, and service equity enhanced.

Demand can be captured from customer water orders, input directly by water authority staff, or defined according to a fixed schedule if you operate a roster system. NeuroFlo’s simple water delivery planning interfaces assist districts that record deliveries by either volume or hours and flow, and allows users to easily select, sort, view, and print water deliveries by various criteria.


Once captured, this demand information is aggregated and combined with pre- defined system loss information to determine the amount of water needed to fulfil the demand from the source through to individual farm turnout/outlet. Scheduling tools enable planning and adjusting the demand to fit within network’s physical or operational constraints, providing powerful insights to define and manage rotations and rosters, and to best schedule order-based deliveries. Visualising demand dynamically and running reports provides deep insight into customer behaviour and trend forecasting.

NeuroFlo’s network schematic quickly shows where water is currently being supplied, and any scheduled changes to canal flows. You can drill down to any point in the network and view demand, channel capacity or delivery start and finish times. Operators can make adjustments to delivery requests to ensure pre-defined constraints are not exceeded and minimise the number of control adjustments needed to satisfy the demand and reduce wastage.

To support manual channel operations, NeuroFlo generates daily canal diversion reports, water delivery schedules and run sheets, with up-to-date instructions for field staff presented in ‘To Do’ lists with easy to read, graphical presentations of sections, canals, and turnouts. The network planning tools provide easy definition of planning areas, so that demand and delivery schedules can be assessed by section and through the entire channel system to generate running sheets to provide operator instructions to field staff. Operator running sheets can then be printed with up-to-date instructions.

Restriction tools also allow you to reduce access based on configurable policies at times when demand exceeds supply or rationing restrictions are required. Maximum capacity and maximum rate of change information is captured within the network schematic for open canal and pipeline systems, or combinations of both, along with configured scheduling to ensure minimum pressures are maintained in pipeline systems.

By making the planning and scheduling process more efficient, notice periods for delivery requests can be shortened and equitable services provided to customers. With automatic scheduling optioned, the process takes place seamlessly in real-time. The software ensures that demand at all points within the network is within static (maximum) and dynamic (rate of change) capacity constraints. Customers receive order confirmation at the time of ordering or are immediately offered adjacent time slots if their requests cannot be accommodated.

To assist with long-lead time supply operations, NeuroFlo provides demand prediction functions that allow both farmers and supply system managers to forecast expected future demand based upon cropping data and weather forecasts. NeuroFlo allows you to capture crop types and planting dates and uses real-time evapotranspiration measurements, previous irrigation history, and forecast ET to indicate likely future irrigation decisions.

NeuroFlo’s Network Planning and Scheduling Tools also allow you to generate customer delivery performance tracking reports. The software keeps a record of how orders are scheduled and delivered, providing a database record of how the scheduling and delivery may have differed from customer requests. The consistency of each delivery is recorded, and this information can be used as a key performance indicator for successful system operation.

Providing real-time water consumption information, flexible two-way communication with growers, instantaneous water delivery, accurate billing and more.

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