Manage Water. More Wisely.

An end-to-end software solution dedicated for irrigation management

has many benefits

Save money and water
by making better irrigation decisions on time

Water Saving

Deliver only what’s required.

NeuroFlo calculates the water requirements and available capacity, schedules deliveries to optimize water saving, and records the amount of water delivered so you can track and measure system performance.

Labor Saving

Create time for other tasks.

Operating gates remotely and developing automatic schedules means that there is no need for repetitive site visits. All operations can be performed remotely and automatically.

Improved Service

Access data anywhere and anytime.

Having 24/7 online access to network data helps to ensure that you and your customers will always have access to critical water information.

Enhanced Operations

All in a single integrated tool.

Making the right business and operational decisions is streamlined with NeuroFlo. All the information you need to drive informed system decisions is provided.

Water Management Software

NeuroFlo is Rubicon’s dedicated irrigation management software suite designed to support the planning, operation, and management of surface water, groundwater and conjunctive use irrigation districts. A scalable water management software solution to meet the needs of districts both big and small.

How NeuroFlo integrates with network infrastructure to enhance management from source to crop

TCC (Total Channel Control™) is Rubicon’s flagship network control solution, offering unparalleled open canal automation capabilities. NeuroFlo software is a fundamental component within the modular family of TCC products.

TCC systems have been proven to achieve a 90% distribution efficiency, typically improving by 20-30%. The adaptive nature of Rubicon’s product ecosystem enables you to make ambitious plans while taking manageable modernization steps. Regardless of where you begin your journey with Rubicon, with our hardware or our software, you can be confident that you can build a well-integrated and supported system.

Network Automated control

Sensor data indicates the optimal time to irrigate

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The farmer request water via phone or mobile app

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NeuroFlo Software checks network capacity and customer rights then approves or offers alternatives

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Instructions are sent by radio to regulators and the customer’s farm turnout

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The farm turnout automatically delivers requested water

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The upstream regulator senses a drop in downstream water level and increases its flow

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Each subsequent regulator up to the dam increases its flow rate

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Only the exact amount of water is diverted from the source to replenish the water being withdrawn downstream

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The farmer’s crops receive water at the optimal time, duration and flow to optimize application technology and improve yield

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Visualise the Network

Using NeuroFlo's Network Visualisation, you can understand, plan, and visualize distribution network infrastructure network operations. Sources, subsystems, and customer turnouts are captured in the network model.

Reliable, Accessible, and Responsive

Water information can be accessed 24/7 by growers, wherever they are. Managing water deliveries and meter readings remotely has become much easier thanks to mobile-friendly interfaces and in-field applications. Tools for analysis and reporting provide management insight for better control.

One Suite to Suit them All

Irrigation Network Management, Telemetry/SCADA, Customer Account Management, Water Ordering, Meter Reading, Billing, Reporting, Delivery Scheduling and are just some of NeuroFlo’s features.

NeuroFlo's Deployment Options

Find the best solution for your irrigation needs

 Cloud-only deployed

✓  Automatic Upgrades 

Hydraulic Features

    Data Collection

    Data Trending

✓   Control and Management

✓   Alarm Management

  District Asset Mapping (sites only)

✓  Visualize Operations via Geographic view

 Auditing of Changes

✓  Site Notes

Network Control

Network Visualisation and Schematics

Business Features

MFA and SSO Support

X  Meter Reading

X  Customer Account Management

X  Water Ordering

X  Delivery Scheduling

X  Customer Billing

X  Power BI Integration Capabilities

Local language interface

  Multiple Deployment Options

Automatic Upgrades 

Hydraulic Features

   Data Collection

   Data Trending

✓   Control and Management

✓   Alarm Management

   District Asset Mapping

   Visualize Operations via Geographic view

   Auditing of Changes

   Site Notes

   Site Control

✓  Network Control

✓  Network Visualisation and Schematics

Business Features

   Meter Reading

   MFA and SSO Support

   Customer Account Management

   Water Ordering

   Delivery Scheduling

   Customer Billing

   Power BI Integration Capabilities

Local language interface

Best of all, we’re here to help. Our software is backed by a highly skilled team with more than 30 years’ experience helping districts manage irrigation operations in 20 countries, we have the skills to quickly design and build custom modules or reports for your unique needs.

Rubicon’s software runs the daily operations of many irrigation districts across the world.