Rubicon Water JV in China

Positive results flow through from Rubicon’s canal automation project in Ningxia, China

Locals in Ninxgia Province, China recognise significant benefits of Rubicon Water technology across 660,000 acre area.

Our project in the Litong Irrigation District of China, has been featured in an article in the Ningxia Daily, a well-regarded outlet in the Ningxia province.

Working with our JV partner in Ningxia, to date we have installed over 800 automated Rubicon gates throughout the Litong Irrigation District. As of late April, the project was operational, with villagers and local officials recognising the significant benefits enabled by the automated gates within the system.


“The biggest problem before was water flow. Villagers would stand by the canal for a whole morning. Manually opening and closing the gates was laborious, time-consuming, and wasteful of water. These habits are changing with increasingly advanced and intelligent water management techniques. Water measurement and water fee collection have also changed from ‘ambiguous accounts’ to ‘precise accounts,'” said Wang Xingfeng, the deputy secretary of Donggouwan Village.


In the Han Canal, the automated gates adjust automatically when downstream users withdraw water, ensuring that the water level remains stable. Continuing upstream, these intelligent gates facilitate precise water distribution and enable “on-demand water supply” across the 660,000-acre irrigation area.


“The irrigation area and annual water use indicators of each village are clearly visible in the Rubicon system, greatly improving the accuracy of water flow,” stated Mei Nanwei, the chairman of Minxin Agricultural Irrigation Service Professional Cooperative in Gaozha Town, Litong District.


There is potential for more gates to be installed within the Litong area, offering further benefits for water conservation and enhancing farmers’ productivity. See the original excerpts from the article and photos from the Litong region below.