Prime Minister highlights Rubicon’s transformative technology

Malcolm Turnbull, the Australian Prime Minister, recently highlighted Rubicon Water as one of the country’s most innovative companies.

In a wide-ranging speech about the transformative effects of technology, Mr Turnbull identified Rubicon as an innovative company whose solutions are making an impact on water availability around the world.

“One company which always appeals to me from my days as Water Minister, a company called Rubicon Water founded in Victoria, has the world’s leading technology for managing gravity fed irrigation systems.  An Australian company, and it has customers all over the world, often in, as you can imagine, in countries which are very poor, where the better management of water is vitally important,” he said.

Mr Turnbull is both a former Communications Minister and Water Minister and is well known as an advocate and early adopter of new technologies.

As Parliamentary Secretary for Water, Mr Turnbull visited Coleambally Irrigation, which has implemented a Demand–Integrated Network Control Solution. A video case study on Coleambally Irrigation can be viewed below.




Turnbull was speaking in August at the Australian American Leadership Dialogue Gala Dinner held at the National Gallery of Victoria.  The Australian American Leadership Dialogue is a platform that brings together influential political and business figures to review and refine the Australian-American relationship.