Professor Iven Mareels to join IBM

It was announced late last year that one of Rubicon Water’s closest research partners, Professor Iven Mareels, is to join IBM as lab director of its Australian research arm. The IBM facility is focused on accelerating research and discovery in areas including healthcare informatics, artificial intelligence, blockchain and quantum computing.

In his role Dean of the School of Engineering at the University of Melbourne, Prof Mareels has worked with Rubicon to develop the underlying technology behind TCC® Network Control. Network Control enables irrigation supply systems to operate autonomously. For his work in developing the solution, Prof Mareels was awarded the Academy of Technological Sciences and Engineering Clunies Ross Medal in 2008.

Rubicon Water CEO, Bruce Rodgerson said “We at Rubicon sincerely thank Professor Mareels for the input, guidance and friendship he has provided to us over the years”.

Over the last 20 years Rubicon and the University of Melbourne have cemented a strong research partnership. Both organisations will continue to collaborate closely in the development of pioneering control technologies. Currently, Rubicon and the University of Melbourne are working on an enhancement to Network Control, called Model Predictive Control, which promises even greater canal water level control, especially for longer reaches with large system delays.

More information can be found here