World water day_2024 Rubicon

Rubicon aligns with UN World Water Day: Water for Peace

A recent project on the Uzbekistan and Tajikistan border, supported by the Swiss Cooperation Office, reflects how our technology is aligning with the United Nation’s 2024 World Water Day theme by promoting collaboration on improved water management.

March 22, 2024 – Established by the United Nations in 1992, World Water Day serves  as an increasingly relevant reminder of the urgent need for collective action to combat water scarcity, climate change, and drought.

In line with this year’s World Water Day theme, “Water for Peace,” Rubicon Water shares its latest project on the Uzbekistan-Tajikistan border. Supported by the Swiss Cooperation Office and the Blue Peace Initiative, this innovative project focuses on cross-border distribution and measurement to promote collaboration in transboundary water management.

The project inauguration, attended by the Ministers of Water Resources of Uzbekistan and the Ministers of Energy and Water Resources of Tajikistan, marks a significant milestone in bilateral cooperation. Through a comprehensive bilateral agreement, the project aims to enhance water flow management, measurement, and control across borders, supported by the Swiss Cooperation Office’s initiatives to combat climate change impacts.

Six automated gate and metering devices, have been strategically deployed at two gauging stations (canals) along the border. Positioned at Patar and Sarvat, these stations enable precise measurement and control of water distribution across the border – providing data transparency between the two countries and promoting the drive for collaborative water management strategies.

Rubicon Water has a strong global footprint in promoting sustainable water management practices. With over 35,000 control devices and water meters installed worldwide, the technology is currently responsible for automating water delivery to over 2 million hectares of land, facilitating substantial water savings for network operators, growers and community. In addition to improving water management for irrigation, Rubicon’s technology is playing an increasingly crucial role in groundwater management, recharge programs, and environmental flow initiatives, contributing to the preservation of vital water resources and ecosystems.