RiserDrive automating pipe and riser valves on orchard farm in California

Rubicon RiserDrive™ to Improve Water Application Efficiency for Growers

A cost-effective solution for growers to introduce automation on existing on-farm valves.

The new Rubicon RiserDrive™️ is close to a full launch in the USA, having undergone successful field tests.

Introducing the RiserDrive, a cost-effective solution for growers to introduce automation on existing on-farm valves, bringing remote control and operational enhancements to valves that previously had to be manually operated.

The RiserDrive combines robust motor drive mechanisms, sophisticated communication technology, and FarmConnect software capabilities to automate existing on-farm valves for high-flow surface irrigation.

We invite both irrigation districts and growers learn about the benefits of the new RiserDrive for their operations and those of their farm customers.

The RiserDrive frees up farm staff for other important tasks and at the same time, provides reliable, real-time operation and information.

This exciting Rubicon RiserDrive™️ development leverages the technology proven in Rubicon’s products over the past 25 + years.  Its scalable infrastructure can also be integrated with 3rd-party sensors and on-farm devices.  In-built LoRaWAN and loT communications allow for reliable and real-time operation directly from smart devices.

The RiserDrive™️, connected to the Rubicon FarmConnect Platform, enables the remote management of each valve device, and GPS positioning accurately displays each outlet on a GoogleMaps interface, making remote opening, closing, programming and monitoring a simple task.