Rubicon Water clients from Latin America tour modernised irrigation projects in California

Rubicon Water Latin America clients visited innovative irrigation projects on a tour of California

A delegation made up of organizations from Chile, Argentina and Peru were invited on a delegation to learn about the experience of large irrigation districts in California that have adopted Rubicon’s technology to modernise water management.

The Rubicon Water Latin America team recently travelled with clients from Chile, Argentina and Peru to California, United States, to visit our company’s facilities and the main irrigation districts incorporating our Network Control (TCC) solution and other innovations developed by Rubicon.

The invitation to this technical visit was made by the Office of Trade and Investment for Latin America of the Government of the State of Victoria, to showcase our technology that is assisting these districts in combatting the impacts of drought and increasing water scarcity throughout the Western United States.

The trip was guided by the Rubicon USA team and provided insight into California’s experience in incorporating automation to improve water distribution efficiency and application to crops. Among other activities, tour members visited some of the most important irrigation districts in California (Solano Irrigation District, Oakdale Irrigation District, Turlock Irrigation District, Imperial Irrigation District), organisations that have modernised water management systems with our technology.

They also visited users of these systems, in addition to the Modesto Junior College farm to learn about our FarmConnect on-farm irrigation automation technology. They also shared experiences and had the opportunity to learn about the research of UC Davis regarding irrigation automation pilots.

Following the visit to Modesto, the team met with the Turlock Irrigation District (TID) to see their facilities and understand how they have modernised their systems with Rubicon Water technology. TID was the first irrigation district in California and is known for being one of the largest providers of water and energy in the central part of the State. It is also the first organisation that installed our company’s technology in the United States.

The group then travelled to central California to meet with researchers at the State Center for Irrigation Technology (CIT) in Fresno. Research scientist, Sarge Green, presented background information on water availability throughout the State and how technology helps save water in the drought-stricken state.

The delegation then visited the Imperial Irrigation District (Southern California) to learn about their work and experience in incorporating technology for water management. It is the largest irrigation district in the United States, with more than 3,000 miles of canals, many of which have been equipped with Rubicon Water products.

Additionally, in Southern California, several visits were made to farmers who use the FarmConnect suite of products to increase their water use efficiency and learn how this technology has helped sustain on-farm productivity in the face of ongoing drought conditions.