Rubicon Water completes irrigation modernisation project installation in Costa Rica

Our team of technicians and engineers from our LatAm headquarters in Chile travelled to implement Rubicon’s first modernisation project in Costa Rica.

After being awarded a project by the National Service of Groundwater, Irrigation and Drainage (Senara) of Costa Rica, Rubicon Water installed a system for the measurement and management of the Arenal-Tempisque Irrigation District’s water resources. Our team of technicians and engineers travelled from our LatAm headquarters in Chile to implement the project.

The district has been facing challenges associated with drought and water management for years. Our solution will enable the district to better manage and control its precious agricultural water.

The scope of Rubicon’s involvement in the project includes a combination of our automated undershot SlipMeters™ and overshot FlumeGates™. These devices combine our sophisticated technology, software and telemetry to provide accurate flow measurement with advanced remote control and monitoring.

The implementation of Rubicon technology will result in a robust and easy-to-use system, to achieve an efficient distribution of the region’s water resources.

The system will be operated remotely via our SCADAConnect™ Live software, which communicates directly with the delivery measurement point, via telemetry, allowing accurate and real-time data to be obtained.