Rubicon Water Newsletter – June 2023

In this issue:

  • Upcoming Conferences
  • Bonneville Power Administration’s Energy Smart Reserved Power Program Still Open for Applications.
  • Looming July 19th Deadline for Voluntary Participation in the Lower Colorado River Basin Conservation and Efficiency Program.
  • Thinking Groundwater Recharge?  Let’s put our heads together
  • The Practice of Over Ordering Water Will Disappear as Delivery Systems Move to Flexible On-Demand.
  • Rubicon Water’s Solution for the Error Band.

Rio Grande Water Users Inaugural Meeting

The inaugural meeting of the Coalition of the Rio Grande Water users will take place at the Hotel Sante Fe in Santa Fe, New Mexico October 3-5, 2023.

For registration information visit:

Bonneville Power Administration’s Energy Smart
Reserved Power Program Still Open for Applications.

Bonneville Power Administration (BPA) in the Pacific Northwest provides funds to support efficiency projects that result in a net increase in the power output from the Federal Columbia River Power System (FCRPS) to BPA’s transmission grid. Hydroelectric facilities, transmission substations, and some fish hatcheries and irrigation districts access power directly from the FCRPS rather than a local utility. The ESRP Program offers an annual solicitation to eligible facilities that use Station Service or Reserved Power. The solicitation process is competitive and is intended to obtain the greatest electric savings with the available funds. In addition to financial incentives, program participants benefit from:

  • Turnkey Technical Assistance from project identification to application assistance to measurement & verification activities to validate savings.
  • Improve Delivery System by optimizing water flows and controlling where water is delivered.
  • Irrigation Modernization to upgrade outdated equipment that may be difficult to maintain or costly to operate.
  • Societal Benefits to promote river health and wildlife management efforts.
  • Lower operational expenses by decreasing onsite energy consumption.

For further information:

Idaho’s Aging Infrastructure
Grants Open for Application until August 4th.

Application for Idaho’s Aging Infrastructure Grants are due by August 4th, 2023.

The grant award limit is $2 million, and the grant portion of a project cannot exceed 1/3rd of the total project cost.

The IWRB defines an aging water infrastructure project as any new project, or new phase of an improvement project intended to repair, maintain, replace, or improve existing infrastructure that supports irrigation water delivery, storage, drainage, treatment, and use of water for irrigation. Projects that are already completed or underway by the application deadline are not eligible for this funding opportunity.

Eligible Entities: Irrigation Districts, Irrigation Boards of Control, Canal Companies, Drainage Districts, Groundwater Districts, Ditch Companies, Lateral Ditch Users Associations, Reservoir Districts, Municipal Irrigation Districts (formed per Title 42, chapter 18, Idaho Code), Municipalities, Counties and Water Districts

For further information:

Please contact your Rubicon Account Manager (listed at the base of this Newsletter), if you’re interested submitting a funding application that leverages Rubicon technology.

Looming July 19th Deadline for Voluntary Participation in the
Lower Colorado River Basin Conservation and Efficiency Program

Proposals must be submitted electronically by July 19th, 2023, to: LC Conservation Program Team E Mail:

The LC program is funded by the Inflation Reduction Act of August 2022 which provides $4 billion specifically for water management and conservation efforts in the Colorado River Basin and other basins experiencing comparable levels of long-term drought.

The program is for long-term durable system efficiency improvement project proposals that result in water conservation benefiting the lower Colorado River System and its water users.

To meet eligibility requirements proposals must result in quantifiable, verifiable water savings in Lake Mead that is based on consumptive use reduction and recent history of use and/or other items including: 

  • Add new water to the applicant’s water supply enabling a consumptive use reduction of Colorado River water
  • Demonstrates viability for full implementation of the funded projects, including by demonstrating financial and technical capability of the entity for initial implementation and long-term OM& R
  • Monitors implementation to ensure the proposed benefits to the system are achieved. 

For additional information:

We’re here to assist…

Rubicon’s technology presents a proven solution for delivering precise water volumes while preventing any over-supply to farms and retaining substantial amounts for future use.

We are prepared to assist you with the design and scoping of investment benefits of an on-demand system, which provides high competitiveness for grant opportunities and long-term value. If you’re interested in applying for infrastructure upgrades, please reach out to us by July 10.

Thinking Groundwater Recharge?
Combining Water with Technology to Give Nature A Helping Hand

In the Western USA and North America, the re-direction of excess surface water back into the ground has become an increasingly crucial endeavor. As the need for sustainable water management intensifies, a wave of successful groundwater recharge projects has taken root with many more on the horizon.

At the core of these transformative projects lies the crucial requirement for precise water diversion and measurement. Accuracy is paramount, ensuring the safe movement of water, while meticulous measurement provides invaluable data for cost justifications and grant applications.

With our extensive experience in in-canal projects, we can offer adaptable solutions that cater to both straightforward applications and custom-designed systems.

Rubicon’s state-of-the-art technology enables precise water diversion, ensuring the safe and efficient movement of water for recharge purposes.

With Rubicon Water’s innovative tools and technology, the landscape of groundwater recharge projects is being revolutionized. As the demand for sustainable water solutions grows, Rubicon stands at the forefront, empowering communities to create a more resilient and efficient water future.

Rubicon Water’s automated gates and software solutions can be used in both simple and more purpose-designed combinations, drawing on Rubicon’s many years of experience with in-canal projects.

Unlocking the Potential of Groundwater Replenishment:
The Key to Targeted Planning and Sustainable Funding

Rubicon’s experienced team is available to assist in the design of groundwater replenishment projects, whether it be a single gate or a complex network of gates.

We invite you to contact us with your project thoughts and ideas and we will put our heads together to come up with a workable plan.

Rubicon’s grant funding program can also assist with grant applications to locate relevant funding for your project.

Here are a few examples of how our technology is being leveraged for dedicated groundwater recharge…

In Idaho,

A single Rubicon PikoMeter on the Peoples Canal is helping to replenish much-needed groundwater.  A simple solution controls the water level on the lateral and diverts excess water into a recharge site. The PikoMeter acts as a release mechanism prompted by the water level in the canal. The excess water not needed by nearby farms is measured by the meter and released into a dedicated recharge site. The implementation of the PikoMeter has resolved a significant issue faced by the lateral, which previously experienced fluctuating canal levels due to the operation of pivots being turned on and off. This fluctuation posed a challenge as water delivery had to be meticulously controlled, often leading to cutbacks that left farmers with insufficient water. However, the introduction of a single PikoMeter has brought about a win-win situation, ensuring the stability of the lateral while also returning much-needed water to the ground.

It’s important to note that all Rubicon products, including the PikoMeter, are scalable and TCC compatible, ensuring a future-proof investment for customers at any stage in their modernization journey.

In California,

Winter stormwater was effectively utilized for aquifer recharge, offering potential support for drought resiliency efforts.

Rubicon technology played a vital role in this process by accurately measuring, controlling, and distributing excess canal flows to dedicated recharge sites. These sites include farm growers who willingly receive a portion of the excess flow on their land for groundwater recharge. This collaborative approach between the irrigation district and growers not only harnesses floodwater in a novel manner but also aids in recharging local groundwater basins. As a result, it helps alleviate pressure on flood control infrastructure while promoting sustainable water management practices.

In Central Arizona,

The Gila River Indian Community is home to the Animal O’otham and Pee Posh Tribes, descendants of the Huuugam People known for their canal-building and agricultural expertise. The Gila River, a tributary of the Colorado River, had suffered reduced flow due to upstream water diversions. However, after a decades-long legal battle, the 2004 Arizona Water Settlement Act granted the community an allocation of 653,000-acre feet per year from the Colorado River System.

This quantification of their water rights has enabled the Gila River Indian Community to market its water and launch conservation projects, including Managed Aquifer Recharge Sites (MAR) where Rubicon technology is utilized. Through Rubicon technology, the community effectively manages and recharges aquifers, ensuring long-term water sustainability. This milestone empowers the community to control their water resources while promoting responsible water management and preserving their cultural heritage.

Learn more at:,Colorado%20River%20basin

In Canterbury, New Zealand,

Rubicon technology plays a vital role in supporting ambitious aquifer and surface water recharge projects led by the Hekaeo/Hinds Water Enhancement Trust.

These projects encompass Managed Aquifer Recharge (MAR) and Near River Recharge, a form of MAR conducted in the immediate floodplain of a river system. Rubicon’s contribution involves providing control and monitoring infrastructure, including PikoMeters, SlipMeters, and NeuroFlo management software. The scale and complexity of the project will encompass numerous sites across 250,000 acres, resulting in improved water quality and enhanced habitats for native birds, lizards, and fish.

For more information, please visit

Rubicon’s experienced team is available to assist in the design of groundwater replenishment projects, whether it be a single gate or a complex network of gates.

We invite you to contact us with your project thoughts and ideas and we will put our heads together to come up with a workable plan.

Rubicon’s grant funding program can also assist with grant applications to locate relevant funding for your project.

Here are a few examples of how our technology is being leveraged for dedicated groundwater recharge…

please visit

Overcoming Uncertainty in Water Ordering:
Unleashing the Power of On-Demand Water Delivery

When it comes to ordering the appropriate amount of water for agricultural irrigation, navigating uncertainties related to crop needs, supply, and duration can pose significant challenges.

On-demand water delivery systems equipped with precise measurement and control capabilities are revolutionizing water management practices, presenting a host of benefits for sustainable water allocation.

The recovered volumes from accurate measurement and control can be allocated strategically to enhance water and food security, reduce reliance on groundwater extraction, support environmental flows, facilitate urban use, and mitigate pollutant runoff from farms. This innovative approach empowers irrigation districts to make informed decisions regarding water allocation, promoting efficient utilization of this vital resource.

Flexible on-demand delivery systems adapt to different irrigation methods (including drip, sprinkler, and precision surface), providing growers with accurate flow rates tailored to their specific crop needs. By eliminating uncertainties and minimizing wastage, these systems pave the way for optimized water usage and a more sustainable agricultural sector.

With on-demand water delivery, the potential for allocating recovered volumes becomes a catalyst for positive change. Water resources can be safeguarded, ensuring long-term water availability for irrigation districts. Additionally, this approach contributes to the overall resilience and sustainability of the agricultural landscape.

An on-demand water delivery systems with precise measurement and control offer a transformative solution for water allocation. By upgrading the distribution system and automating the delivery network, several benefits can be achieved:

  • Boost Efficiency: Automated systems optimize water distribution, delivering the exact amount of water to growers while enabling water retention in storage for future use.
  • Increase Productivity: Precise ordering and uniform water distribution improve crop yields, enhancing growers’ profitability.
  • Attract and Develop Talent: A Modernized Water Distribution Network Offers Growth Opportunities for Current and New Staff
  • Ensure Sustainability: Responsible resource management practices demonstrate a commitment to future generations for the district, growers, and local community.

Rubicon's solutions for accurate and timely water ordering

Rubicon Water revolutionizes agricultural water management by precisely controlling water delivery, ensuring farms receive the right amount of water at the desired time. This optimized approach enables farmers to provide crops with the ideal amount of water during each stage of their growth cycle, resulting in healthy yields without water waste. With Rubicon Water, efficiency, productivity, and sustainability are maximized, empowering farmers and irrigation districts to make the most of their water resources for a thriving agricultural ecosystem. To learn more about Rubicon’s flexible on-demand water delivery system in the USA visit: visit:

The Power of Collaboration

When it comes to achieving goals, teamwork is essential. Rubicon Water regularly collaborates with engineers, governmental agencies, and environmental groups to deliver practical and effective solutions.

To learn more about partnering with Rubicon, reach out to your Regional Account Manager.

Our Range of Services

Service Agreement: Ensure your Rubicon gates and systems are always in optimal working condition with our comprehensive service agreement.

Grant Writing Assistance and Scoping Studies: Receive support with grant writing for applications involving Rubicon technology, offering expertise in navigating complex requirements. We invite you to engage with us to complete a scoping study, guiding you in developing a convincing application that can be used for future applications and even sub-sectioned into smaller incremental projects, if desired.

For additional information, please contact your Regional Account Manager.

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