SlipMeter™ Meets Flow Accuracy Standard

The SlipMeter has undergone and passed the bulk of certification tests required under the Australian National Measurement Institute’s NMI M11-2 standard (Meters Intended for the Metering of Water in Open Channels and Partially Filled Pipes). The Australian standard is derived from the international standard OIML R 49-2 (International Organisation of Legal Metrology).

The SlipMeter is the only open channel flow meter that has passed these tests in a NATA (National Association of Testing Authorities) accredited laboratory.

The SlipMeter has been designed from the ground up as a service point meter specifically for use in open channel applications. It uses Sonaray®, a flow measurement technology developed by Rubicon to cost-effectively measure flows in large diameter conduits. The SlipMeter has an array of crossed-path ultrasonic sensors across eight measurement planes.

The SlipMeter was subjected to 54 tests under a variety of conditions including partially submerged, waves and blockages at the meter entry. Across flow rates ranging from 1 to 39 ML/day (12 to 451 litres/second) the SlipMeter was found to be accurate under all conditions to within +/-2.5%. As the test results demonstrate, SlipMeter fleet operators can be confident Sonaray is accurate across the full range of conditions found in open channels.