SlipMeter Receives Pattern Approval Certification in Australia

The flow measurement accuracy of Rubicon’s SlipMeter™ SM-600 has received official certification from the Australian Government’s National Measurement Institute.

The two following meter types are now pattern approved:

  • 73802 SMA-600-XXXX-L
  • 79200 SM-600-XXXX

This marks a significant milestone for Rubicon and further demonstrates the accuracy of our water management technology. The SlipMeter is the third product to be Pattern Approved from Rubicon’s fleet of flow meters, with the BladeMeter and Sonaray™ Pipe Meter receiving NMI M 10 Certification in 2019.

In achieving certification, the meter had to undergo a rigorous pattern approval process to demonstrate compliance with the NMI M 11-1 Meters Intended for the Metering of Water in Open Channels and Partially Filled Pipes, which is closely related to the international OIML R 49 standard.

The SlipMeter SM-600, which has a meter height/width of 600mm, is an automated undershot flowmeter with an integrated control gate and is typically installed on a canal offtake or farm service point.

The meter leverages Rubicon’s proven Sonaray Flow Measurement technology, with 32 ultrasonic transducers arranged in four cartridges measuring flow across eight planes.

The SlipMeter was tested across a range of flow rates and environmental conditions, including endurance testing, which required the meter to maintain accuracy after months of operation. The testing found the SlipMeter to be accurate to within ±2.5% in all of the test conditions. The pattern approval was conducted on the SlipMeter SM-600 at a minimum flow rate of 1.0 ML/d and a maximum of 39.0 ML/day.

The meter is approved to operate in both submerged flow conditions and partially full with a minimum water level of 180mm to maintain certified accuracy.

Accurate flow measurement is important to help ensure that water is equitably and efficiently supplied. Additionally, accurate measurement and control of flow rates assist farmers in precisely managing the application of water to their crops and leveraging investments in on-farm infrastructure.

See the pattern approval certificate NMI 14/3/62 on the Australia Government website here.