Sunwater in Queensland completes their AU$32.54million efficiency improvement project

The Mareeba-Dimbulah Efficiency Improvement Project, has been completed. The project will increase the distribution of water throughout the network to provide irrigators with a reliable and efficient service while saving significant volumes of water. The project will save up to 8,306 megalitres of high-value water through new modernised infrastructure, reducing losses and improving service to growers. Water will now be delivered to farmers on-demand, allowing water to be available when needed and additional water retained in storages for future beneficial use.

Sunwater has 19 dams, 595km of open channels and 1951km of piped networks to provide water to more than 5,000 customers, accounting for 40% of the total water diverted for commercial purposes in Queensland.

The Mareeba-Dimbulah Water Supply Scheme was established in 1958 upon completion of the Tinaroo Falls Dam to provide water to the Barron Gorge power station. Today the scheme supports more than 1000 irrigation, industrial and urban customers with a total of 204,424 megalitres in water entitlements.

Map of Sunwater Mareeba-Dimbulah Water Supply Scheme project works


Rubicon played a key role in the implementation of the modernisation project with the installation of 130 automated control gates and 60 monitored outlets to accurately distribute water throughout the network.

See the offical media release by the Queensland Government here and more information on the Sunwater website.

Below are various images captured throughout the project implementation phase from 2020-2021.