2023 Spain Smart Water Summit - Canal Technology Presentation

Insights from the 2023 Smart Water Summit in Madrid – Digitising Water Management

The 2023 Smart Water Summit in Madrid gathered global experts to explore water management's transformative future.

The 2023 Smart Water Summit in Madrid gathered global experts to explore water management’s transformative future. It emphasized integrating technology and digitization to address growing water challenges.

At the summit, Rubicon’s partner, Regaber, showcased Rubicon’s innovative water management technology. Raul Valls, from Regaber, presented on improving open gravity-fed channels using technology.

Raul’s presentation highlighted how technology can significantly improve the efficiency of these essential water networks. By adopting Rubicon’s solutions, we can conserve water, provide better service to users, and secure water for the future.

The presentation shed light on the alarming water losses within outdated canal distribution networks. In southern European nations, as much as 50% of diverted water is wasted before reaching its intended destination. This issue presents not only a local but also a global opportunity for the improved management of gravity-fed reticulation systems.

“Although the Ministry of Agriculture, Fisheries and Food has invested a lot in improving irrigation communities, there is a lack of investment in canal infrastructure, which is where the greatest losses occur,” stated Raul.

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The global importance of adopting technology for managing these extensive systems is increasing with Rubicon’s Total Channel Control (TCC) water management technology now present in 20 countries. However, we’ve only scratched the surface of what’s possible.