Turlock ID to benefit from groundbreaking Sonaray™ technology

Turlock Irrigation District in California’s Central Valley has chosen SlipMeters and FlumeMeters to meter irrigation water at their main farm turnouts.

Both the SlipMeter and the FlumeMeter feature Sonaray ultrasonic flow measurement technology. Importantly for Turlock, Sonaray technology does not require a stable flow profile in order to measure accurately. This means that the devices can be mounted to existing canal headwalls, avoiding the need for the expensive civil infrastructure which is necessary for some traditional measurement technologies to measure accurately.

Sixty SlipMeters are being used to meter water at farm turnouts where flow measurement and remote flow control is required, and 45 FlumeMeters are being installed at sites where automated control isn’t needed.

Building on its reputation for innovation, Rubicon developed a mounting frame specifically for Turlock that allows the FlumeMeter to be mounted to their canal headwalls immediately upstream of their manual turnout gates, enabling them to retain their existing infrastructure and keep the cost of introducing accurate metering to a minimum.

The SlipMeters and FlumeMeters are remotely managed using third-party SCADA software.

Turlock serves over 4,900 irrigation customers covering approximately 150,000 acres of farmland.