Rubicon’s on-farm and off-farm technology has been featured in Salt Lake City’s Fox 13 news program with a focus on technology to save water in Utah’s drought.

Our on-farm customer in Tremonton, Colton Russon, was interviewed last week by Fox News about the innovative approach he’s taking to maximize the productivity of his organic corn and barley crops.

Thanks to our FarmConnect technology, Colton can now initiate irrigations via his phone and configure the duration and flow rate of watering.

Prior to installing the automated technology, the farm was irrigated using a manual approach, Colton’s father-in-law said “I’ve been doing it for 60 years and changing water takes a long time. Most nights, all night long. These boys now, they do it on their phone.”

Agriculture is one of the top water users in the state of Utah and because of the current drought, farmers have had their water shares cut – with some areas experiencing a 40% reduction in water allocation this year.

Colton claims that the FarmConnect system is already saving substantial volumes of water, “It saved in water… a third of it we’re able to save. We’re able to go across the land quicker and it’s a whole lot easier.”

Our canal technology was also featured with our customer Bear River Canal Company leveraging available funding to replace manual hand-wheel gates with automated gates.

“We’re trying something unique. We’re implementing something that’s different than a lot of other systems in the West.” said Trevor Nielson, the canal company’s general manager. Previously, someone would go out and change the gates based on observing what the water flow looked like. Sometimes they got it right, sometimes they got it wrong. Now, they can accurately measure flows by looking at their phones and the system can adjust automatically.

The automation is creating substantial water savings and providing a more equitable service for farmers located along the system.

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