Rubicon Water has signed an agreement with the MIA Renewal Alliance to provide its Network Control Solution to the Murrumbidgee Irrigation Area, Australia’s third largest irrigation area.

The Lake Wyangan modernization project will see Network Control implemented on the 35km Lake View Branch Canal, which feeds gravity pipeline lateral offtakes. The solution will also integrate information from third-party meters at each lateral. The canal serves around 180 farmers growing citrus, stone fruit, almonds, grapes, vegetables and rice.

The Network Control Solution automatically coordinates and controls FlumeGate regulators in canals so that the water passed through any regulator exactly matches measured outflow at all points downstream.  All regulators are in constant communication with other upstream and downstream regulators and with a server, sharing information about water levels and flows along the length of the canal in real time.

Murrumbidgee has been a Rubicon customer since 1996 and uses Confluent software for its Easywater water ordering system. It includes a dedicated web portal with customer login enabling irrigators to manage their water orders and usage and view their entitlements. In the 2012/13 irrigation season 45,000 water orders were placed using Easywater.

The project, which also includes canal lining and piping smaller laterals will improve customer service and is expected to recover at least 6,000ML (4.9 thousand acre-feet, 6 hm3) for environmental benefit and will be complete by the end of the year.

Rubicon Water CEO Bruce Rodgerson said “We are extremely proud that the three largest irrigation districts in Australia depend upon our world-leading technology to manage their districts and improve the productivity of their water resources”.

The Murrumbidgee Irrigation Area is located within the Murray-Darling basin in New South Wales, Australia. The area covers 1.6 million acres, of which 420,000 acres are irrigated. The MIA supply system comprises a network of some 2,175 mailes of canals and serves 2,500 customers.